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Where building your own, frequency resilience and finesse combine.

Morse Code or CW is no longer required but is still very popular. It is usually found on the botton of most amateur radio bands.

Tune between 14.000MHz and 14.070MHz or 3.500MHz to 3.510MHz
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QRP Radios

QRP means low power. The challenge with QRP radios is to communicate with finesse and not brute force power. Both of which are options in the ham radio world. The QRP radios are still capable of communicating over long distances such as from Tennessee USA to New Zealand
Rockmite Radio Rockmite Radio in Altoids box
QRP Radios via K5NWA
Rockmite ][ Kits 8485 Mile record
Oak Hills Research
Oak Hill Radio SoftRock SDR and More
SoftRock Radio

Keyers, Keys and TiCK keyer Bencher IC Chip keyer Begali Key
ElectronicsUSA Keyers
Bencher Keys
Begali Keys

Where to Learn CW
eHam Reviews on CW Tutorials
Quick Code for Learning CW. Terrible site, Good learning approach.

Protocols, Prosigns & Practice
Prosigns or CW Abbreviations
Example of checking into a net
Regular practice sessions from W1AW.
SKCC Beginner's Corner
Contest Calendar Feb. 21-22 International DX CW
QRP Recommended Frequencies

CPPARC Resource Page

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