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Cal Poly Pomona Amateur Radio Club

Club meeting: We are meeting Thurday May 31 2018, at 12:00 noon to discuss restarting the club. The location will be building 9, second floor, near the piano, then we hope to find a vacant room near 9-217. Look for the handheld radio on the table.

Please join us.

Contact us for more information.

(March 2015) On Campus telemetry receiver is available to all students. Any student that can program an Raspberry PI can transmit any type of telmetry to Internet servers and then view the data. The requirements are a RPi, some type of sensors, a vhf radio module and an amateur radio license. No license? We can help you easily obtain a license or we may be able to partner with your project. This is an example using an Arduino. Even Map locations Contact Glen for more information. ht radio connected to Raspberry Pi

Field Day 2014: This was the best cpp field day ever. We had a great turn out including students, faculty, staff, alumni and parents. This years experiment included placing the hf antenna inside the quad area of building 98, which resulted in great signals into the San Diego area. Overall, we had many contacts to the east coast and north west.

Not bad for a station that fits in a car, has an antenna strung in the trees and is powered from a battery.

My thanks to everyone that made this event possible.

For more on Field Day see: ARRL Field Day hf antenna hung between floors building 98
Students, Faculty, Staff at Field Day 2014, Building 98

This is a demonstation of Amateur Radio APRS tracking used on campus at CPP. Click on images for more details. Campus map with example of aprs tracking

Campus map 2 with example of aprs tracking Campus map 3 with example of aprs tracking

This term we built dual-band J-Pole Antennas for 2-meters/440MHz. These are great antennas for your handheld radio and it is a great project. Build your own using instructions from WB6IQN. If it doesnt work, use a different brand of twin-lead. The thin Black Point Products BV-51 worked well. The heavy duty Radio Shack did not work.

Thanks Ed for your great, easy to build antenna.

Twin lead j-pole antennas build by club

Advancing along, we have the arduino, with rs-232 shield and proto-shield. At some point we will reproduce the TNC within the arduino which will simplfy the system.

AEA PK-232 tnc connected to Arduino

April 9 2013. Presenation on interfacing an arduino to a radio modem for transmitting telemetry.

The possibilities are endless.

IGates Symbol for igate receive the broadcasted telemetery and forward the data one of several servers on the Internet. All of this infrastructure is supported by volunteers and there is no cost to use it for non-commercial purposes, such as high altitude balloons.

Shown here is an Arduino Uno, RS232 interface (not quite a shield), KPC3 tnc (terminal node controller) and hand held radio. APRS traffic and telemetery near Cal Poly Pomona. Where is the K6CCP tracker? Tracking our own BroncoExpress shuttle using a commercial APRS Service
HT Radio, tnc connected to arduino and sparkfun weather shield telemetry from arduino station

November 14, 2012, Brian Thorson AF6NA from the San Bernardino Microwave Society presented "Enter the Exciting World of Ten GHz"

This truely was an exciting night. And you thought that Microwaves only good for line of site communications. Check out hs presentaion at the SAN BERNARDINO MICROWAVE SOCIETY The Google Earth map shows the elevation change between Los Banos California and Mt. Potosi Nevada near Last Vegas. A distance of 529 km.
AF6NA with his 10GHz station Presentation Exntering the Exciting World of tem GHz 10GHz path from Los Banos to Las Vegas

CPPARC supported the Boyscout JOTA (Jamboree on The Air) 2012 October 19-21

K6CPP at Boyscout JOTA Event 1 K6CPP at JOTA

This map shows the approximate radio coverage that can be expected from the K6CPP repeater in its current location. The VE2DBA online Radio Mobile application considers frequency, elevation, topology of the nearby hills, receiver and transmitter characteristics to calculate this plot.

Click on the map for a more detailed map.

K6CPP UHF repeater Coverage

June 23th. Field Day 2012 at Cal Poly Pomona
We had many successful contacts on 10-meters through 40-meters.

Students, Staff at 2012 Field Day Building 98

June 7th. The Cal Poly Pomona hidden transmitter is a Kantronics KPC3 packet radio controller and a Yasue VX7R, which transmits in morse code and digital data for 12 seconds every 1 minutes.
Where do you think the best location to hide would be??

Transmitter hunt using built antennas Hidden transmitter in box Hidden transmitter box

March 17, 2012; built 4 yagi antennas for 450MHz, based on a design from WA5VJB.

These antennas will be used in the hidden transmitter hunt on June 7th.
Directional Antenna built by club members

The Jan. 12, 2012 meeting saw a presentation of Packet Radio by Glen af6z. The presentation showed how Packet Radio has evolved and presented several current applications.

Click on the title to see the presentation.
Screen shot of packet radio output Cover page from Packet Radio Presentation

Tracking the 2012 CalPoly Rose Parade Float with 2-meter aprs. Jan. 2, 2012

The Cal Poly Rose Parade Float once again used aprs to track the float from the staging area, down Colorado Blvd through the parade to the viewing area and then to it's resting location at Cal Poly Pomona.

The route can still be seen at the following link by changing the "Show Last" box on the upper right to 7 days:

I'd especially like to thank Nick KI6YMJ, Marcel AI6MS and Javen KF7JO for making this a reality.

Map showing tracking of Rose Parade Float 2012 Picture of Actual APRS tracker

On Oct 15th the CPPARC participated in the Boy Scouts’ Jamboree On The Air (JOTA).

“The Jamboree-on-the-Air, or JOTA, is an annual Scouting event that uses amateur radio to link Scouts around the world, around the nation, and in your own community. Held on the third full weekend of October each year, this worldwide jamboree requires no travel, other than to a nearby radio amateur’s ham shack. Many times the hams will come to you by setting up at a Scout camporee, or perhaps they already have a ham shack at your council’s camp. There are many ways to get your Scouts involved in JOTA.”

The boy scouts were treated to QSOs with hams in Hawaii, Japan and at other local JOTA camps.

Special Thanks to KI6ABD, WB8HBK and KJ6KAC.
Boyscout JOTA event
Field Day at CCP and around the northern hemisphere was June 25, 2011. Students operation Field Day 2011 from Building 98
The High Altitude Balloon Project using aprs tracking and retrieval. And yes, they did get it back. Check out the test flight pictures to 35,000 feet

Cal Poly Pomona's alumni placed us in contact with Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, the inventer of APRS, to insure a smooth flight. Thanks guys, we truly appreciate your help.

Photo from high altitude balloon Photo of HAB radio tracker package
Map of HAB path Students preping HAB
The Feb 2011 Engineering Fair

Our club came in second in the Extreme Frisbee contest You should have been there! Join us next year for Engineering Week 2012.

Poster Engineers Week 2011 Photo Job Fair 2011
2011 Started with the tracking of the Cal Poly Rose Parade Float. Both San Luis Obispo ARC and Pomona ARC worked on this project.
The float was tracked from the start of the parade to the parade viewing area and finally to Cal Poly Pomona.

When the buses are rolling, Cal Poly Pomona's own BroncoShuttle buses can be tracked using the same techology. Click on this link, Click "Live Bus Map" and then select a route on the upper right.

Map of Rose Parade path tracked by APRS
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Interested in Ham radio but don't know where to start? Check out: Getting Started with Ham Radio.

Ready to take the exam but don't know where? Look here: Find an Amateur Radio License Exam in Your Area. .

Engineering Fair 2011
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For those on campus or nearby, check out the repeater.

The K6CPP repeater is on 445.58 (-) PL 156.7.

Special Thanks to: HRO Logo
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For additional information contact:

Glen Shiery (AF6Z)
Cal Poly Pomona
3801 W. Temple #109
Pomona, CA 91768