President's Message

Our Polytechnic Advantage

President Soraya M. ColeyA college education must do much more than help students master a subject area and find a job after graduation. It should also teach them to ask questions, interact with others and be open to new experiences.

Academic excellence is central to our mission at Cal Poly Pomona, and an emphasis on hands-on learning means we reach beyond the textbook to provide knowledge through experience. Our Inclusive Polytechnic Model prepares students to think critically, solve problems dynamically, communicate effectively, work collaboratively and lead. With these and other foundational skills, our graduates possess the competitive edge to be successful in today’s rapidly evolving job market.

Human Engagement is critical to the Future of Work, and a meaningful education teaches students to connect with people. Employers may expect that employees understand how to leverage artificial intelligence and work side-by-side with machines, but they also demand teamwork and collaboration. Cal Poly Pomona faculty are ensuring that graduates are positioned to thrive because our polytechnic curriculum has equipped them with the tools to communicate and adapt. 

Students are encouraged to take intelligent risks and to step out of their comfort zone. Lauren Horgan, a senior majoring in marketing who wants to be an entrepreneur, knows that falling short is just a stop on the road to success.

“The greatest risk you can take is not taking  any risk at all,” she says. “Failure is one of life’s greatest change agents. Without it, we can never grow.”

Students like Lauren face the Future of Work and Human Engagement with confidence, knowing their polytechnic education has prepared them to succeed.

Soraya M. Coley