Abstract Submission

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Deadline January 30th, 2019

Please read guidelines below before starting your abstract.

Guidelines - Before and After Abstract Submission

  • Please submit one application submission per project.
  • Before beginning your application, please make sure you have the following information available: 
    • Name, Bronco ID, Major, and Email address of  each team member   (please check spelling)
    • Faculty Mentor name and email address
    • Project Title and Abstract (250 words or less, sample abstracts presented below)
    • Presentation type (please view the presentation types below)
    • IRB or ACUC approval details (if applicable)
  • Please make sure all information is correct during initial submission. Significant changes after the deadline will not be accepted .
  • After submitting a project abstract, the faculty mentor must approve of the project submission, specifically the title, abstract, authors, and the presentation type.
  • Abstract acceptance will be sent out in early February 2019.
  • All team members who will be attending the conference must register individually . Failure to register will indicate that presenters will not be attending the conference.

Type of Presentation

Oral Presentation

  1. Presenters will share their research, including any findings, with an audience.
  2. 10-minute presentation, followed by 3 minutes of Q & A.
  3. Examples: PowerPoint presentation in a classroom setting.

Poster and Creative Works Showcase

  1. Presenters will interact with their audience on a 1-1 basis. Presenters engage viewers through conversation and feedback about the work they have on display.
  2. One and a half hour long session.
  3. REQUIRED: Poster size: 4ft x 3ft Landscape.
  4. Examples: posters, artwork, prototypes, and design projects.

Performance Presentation

  1. Presenters will share their art or research with an audience.
  2. 10-minute presentation, followed by 3 minutes of Q & A.
  3. Examples: Dance, music, poetry reading, illusions, puppetry.

Sample Abstracts

Bronco Scholar has student conference abstracts from across disciplines for the past years. Bronco Scholar is has a search feature where you can identify specific areas of research such as “construction” or “English Language Learners”.

Bronco Scholar Abstracts

Sample abstract

To get further help with developing your abstract, we could recommend you consult with your faculty advisor or a research librarian. There is also assistance at the Learning Resource Center for writing and editing your final abstract.