The Cal Poly Pomona Student RSCA (Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities) Conference, previously known as the CPP Student Research Conference, is an annual event that provides an opportunity for our undergraduate and graduate students to share their work. All disciplines are represented – this year there will be oral, performance, and poster presentations, followed by a reception. The entire community is invited to attend - this is an opportunity to see our students at their best.

Student RSCA Conference Home

Welcome to the 4th CPP Student RSCA Conference!

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The Office of Undergraduate Research and Undergraduate Research Faculty Advisory Committee (URFAC) bid you welcome to the 4th Annual Student RSCA Conference! This event is a celeberation of our student researcher community at Cal Poly Pomona. This year, we have over 300 students leading 161 presentations in a diverse array of fields.

Thank you to our Awesome Supporters:

Alumni Judges Dr. Cristian Aguilar, Ms. Winnie Bi, Mr. Rachel Esparza, Mr. Stuart Fricke, Dr. Cynthia Geary, Ms. Brenda Gonzalez, Dr. Rebecca Le, Mr. Daryoosh MacKay, Ms. Brandy Mansouri, Mr. Thomas Marino, Dr. Una Morris, Mr. Christian Nichols, Dr. Paul Rodriguez, Mr. Oliver Santos

Faculty and Staff Judges/Moderators Dr. Marta Albala Pelegrin, Dr. Zekeriya Aliyazicioglu, Dr. Nancy Buckley, Dr. John Chan, Dr. Todd Coburn, Dr. Eileen Cullen, Dr. Marcia Ewers, Dr. Saeideh Fini, Dr. Yong Gan, Dr. Mario Guerrero, Dr. Dewey Hall, Dr. Mary Im, Dr. Laila Jallo, Dr. Jae Ming Jung, Dr. Reza Lakeh, Dr. Joan Leong, Dr. Yao Olive Li, Mr. Thomas Marino, Dr. Georgia Mickey, Dr. Shokoufeh Mirzaei, Dr. Alejandro Morales, Dr. Jorge Moreno, Dr. Francelina Neto, Dr. Stephen Osborn, Dr. Michael Page, Dr. Monica Palomo, Dr. Jason Pittman, Dr. Jonathan Puthoff, Dr. Maryam Shafahi, Dr. Bharti Sharma, Dr. Jamie Snyder, Dr. Christos Stathopoulos, Dr. Randy Stein, Dr. Peng Sun, Dr. Rosa Vasconez, Dr. Eileen Wallis, Dr. Jenny Yu, Dr. Priscilla Zhao, Dr. Harmit Singh

Office of Research & Office of Undergraduate Research Dr. Frank Ewers, Dr. Winny Dong, Mr. Natnael Alula, Mr. Marion Barleta, Mr. Everardo Barraza, Mr. Ashish Hingle, Mr. Ryan Jarmon, Ms. Elisa Mitchell, Ms. Reny Nazarian, Ms. Amanda Riggle

University Library – Oral Presentations Host Dr. Ray Wang, Ms. Suzanna Conrad, Mr. Ben Sandoval

Associated Students Incorporated (ASI) – Poster Session and Reception Host Ms. Sue Wise, Mr. Craig Shibley, Mr. Brayden Wiggins

Information Technology, MediaVision and Web Design Ms. Christina Wade, Mr. Trevor Henderson

Student Volunteers Kellogg Honors College, McNair Scholars Program, Engineering Scholars Program, Achieve Scholars Program, Circle K