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Food Systems

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Apples at the CenterQuality food is a necessity of life and an important part of sustainable communities.  All of the Center's gardens are fully organic, meaning that chemical pesticides and fertilizers are not used.  In order to have a successful organic garden, we must work with natural processes to enhance the soil, and control pests, two activities commonly managed with chemicals in modern agricultural operations.


Enhancing Soil Quality

Composting Operations at the CenterPlants require a continuous supply of nutrients in the soil.  A variety of techniques are used to replenish nutrients within the garden soil, including cover-cropping with legumes that return nitrogen to the soil, and composting of green waste.




Controlling Pests

Integrated Pest ManagementInsects which threaten crops are controlled through integrated pest management techniques.  Flowering plants in the garden attract predatory insects which feed on agricultural pests.  Organic pesticides we make out of garlic and peppers are also applied.