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Dear Lyle Center Supporters:

Your support and interest over the years has been the key to our success and is more important than ever right now. Here’s why:

Our Mission

Climate change and numerous other environmental issues are receiving tremendous attention in the popular media. The John T. Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies at Cal Poly Pomona takes a comprehensive look at environmental challenges as they relate to water, food, energy, the natural and the built environment. Our mission is to advance our understanding of environmentally sustainable living through education, research, community outreach and demonstration.


Our interdisciplinary approach to teaching regenerative concepts and techniques focused on solving environmental problems is truly unique. We offer a Master of Science Degree in Regenerative Studies which prepares students to resolve the environmental challenges of the 21st century through regenerative approaches, and undergraduates may pursue a minor in regenerative studies.

Research and community outreach

The Lyle Center supports faculty and student inquiry that furthers our knowledge of regenerative principles and practices. We have been active in a number of communities, both locally and internationally, addressing real environmental problems to help build sustainable futures.  Examples include:

  • Regenerative systems for food sovereignty. The Lyle Center is partnering with local organizations in Southern California to develop strategies for increasing food sovereignty for communities in need by increasing community and school gardening, developing innovative food distribution and processing concepts, and educational outreach programs.
  • Habitat 21: the Lyle Center project for sustainable settlements. We envision a just world in which all people live with dignity in safe, healthy and environmentally sustainable habitats. This project seeks to develop, implement and evaluate sustainable settlement strategies for disenfranchised communities in lesser-developed nations. Work to date has focused on housing issues in Northern Mexico.
  • Climate change action. Cal Poly Pomona’s President, Michael Ortiz, was one of the charter signatories of the American College and Universities Presidents Climate Commitment. As part of this effort, Lyle Center faculty and students completed the initial greenhouse gas emissions inventory for the campus and developed Cal Poly Pomona's Climate Action Plan.


Thousands of visitors come to the Lyle Center each year, from around the world as well as our local communities, to participate in tours, and attend programs, lectures and presentations. People come from as far away as China and as close as the Cal Poly Pomona campus. Our 16-acre living laboratory is truly a hidden gem, which serves as a model for Southern California and beyond by demonstrating:

  • Carbon neutrality. Through a combination of energy conservation strategies and on-site renewable production, the Center is a carbon-neutral facility. Read more.
  • Native woodland regeneration. The Center is home to one of the few remaining stands of Southern California Black Walnuts (Juglans californica), and has been a leader promoting the regeneration of this rare ecosystem.
  • Organic food production. The Center cultivates organically grown produce such as pomegranates, persimmons, apricots, limes, peaches, kiwi, grapes, chayote, many other vegetables, and a variety of medicinal plants.
  • The latest research. The Center is committed to hosting innovative research projects by faculty and students. Test plots, experimental structures,and other temporary installations are regularly encountered on site. We even hosted water buffalo as part of one recent thesis project.

Why we need your support

In order for us to continue our good work and further our mission, we need the support from people like you.  Support the only Center for Regenerative Studies in the world and become a part of a unique and diverse community. Because even the smallest contributions help, we welcome and appreciate donations in any amount.

Here are suggested donation amounts to choose from:

Sustaining Level

Basic Level

Student Level




Become a Supporter Instantly Online!

  1. Visit the Center's secure online giving site by clicking here.
  2. Select the desired supporter level
  3. Under “Please Direct My Donation To” select "Lyle Center Supporter Program"
  4. Enter the rest of the information on the form accordingly, and click to submit the information.

Need assistance? We want to make your donation process as convenient and comfortable as possible. If you have questions, concerns, or wish to make a donation by check, please contact Anne Pandey, at (909) 869-3253 or by email at

Supporter Program Details

Supporter program enrollment is good for 12 months from the date we recieve your donation.

Each supporter, regardless of contribution amount, will receive email updates about the Center. In addition:

Student and Basic Level Supporters receive notification of Lyle Center and Campus events of interest, notification of volunteer opportunities, workshops, and special tours at the Center, as well as:

    • Priority registration for sustainability workshops and special tours at the Center
    • Notificaiton of available Lyle Center produce (grown in support of our education and demonstration missions)

Sustaining Level Supporters receive notification of all events, volunteer opportunities, workshops and tours, as well as:

    • Priority registration for sustainability workshops and special tours at the Center
    • Notificaiton of available Lyle Center produce (grown in support of our education and demonstration missions)
    • Invitation to Annual Breakfast with our director, Dr. Kyle D. Brown (+1 guest)
    • VIP seating at special events and the opportunity to meet speakers before or after the event

We also have opportunities for you to make a one-time gift to support specific Lyle Center Initiatives, as well as special opportunities for corporate and business partners.

Thank you for your support!