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The partnership with Amonix has made the Center carbon neutral.The Lyle Center values its partnerships with the business community. As environmental sustainability impacts all sectors of our economy, we recognize the role that corporations and businesses, large and small, play in developing solutions to the environmental challenges of the 21st century. Our partners recognize the opportunities and advantages of supporting the Lyle Center, as we advance sustainability through education, demonstration, research and outreach.

Your company can support the Lyle Center today. We have a variety of opportunities that can be tailored to meet your organization's specific needs. Partnerships may include one-time contributions, multi-year pledges of support, in-kind donations of technology, or other forms of support.

For assistance or information regarding opportunites for corporate or business partnerships, please contact Carrie Geurts at (909) 869-4468 or by e-mail at

Highlighted Corporate & Business Partners

Amonix, Inc.

The Lyle Center has partnered with Amonix, inc. to install two concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) systems on site, capable of generating 210,000 kW hours of clean, renewable electricity each year. The partnership allows Lyle Center operations to achieve carbon neutrality, and provides opportunities for education and demonstration of cutting-edge solar energy technology. Partnership with Amonix began in 1998, and has helped advance Amonix CPV solar technology from 16 kW to 72 kW per unit - a nearly 5x improvement.


Southern California Gas Company

Southern California Gas Company has partnered with the Lyle Center in our waste-to-energy research and demonstration initiative, by co-hosting the Waste-to-Energy Summit, held in October, 2011 at the Center. The event engages policy makers, energy and waste industry leaders, and energy consumers regarding this local, renewable energy source and its importance to California’s economy and environment.