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 Ant 104 Linguistic Anthro.

SSC 101 Soc Sci

Ant 353 Language and Culture

 Ant 104 Linguistic Anthro.

   Ant 102 Cultural Anthropology

 Ant 379 Africa


Ant 405 Anthro of Gender   Ant 358 Social Anthro.

Ant 379 Middle East




Ant 370 Visual Anthropology

Ant 352 Development Anthropology

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Chair, Department of Geography and Anthropology

Professor of Anthropology

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Pomona CA 91768

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On this Web Page, you will be able to explore my courses without actually having to take them! Imagine that! If you are registered for one of them, you will find information that supplements what you are learning in class, along with useful exercises, references to other sources of information, and directions to assignments. I also occasionally teach Ethnic and Women's Studies courses, for instance EWS 407 ("Sexual Orientation and Diversity"). In our department, we use ANT 499 to teach a variety of Special Topics for advanced students; I have used this rubric to develop a course on the "Anthropology of Waste Management", which has been taught three times in the past. I have also been working with the teaching group at the Center for Regenerative Studies from time to time, on one of their seminars, RS 422. My particular contribution to their team effort concerns the concept of community as it relates to the environment.


I want to keep in touch with you, so please send me a  letter (at the above address),

or an email to my campus email address: ddwills@csupomona.edu,

or call my office: (909) 869-3582. If you happen to be on campus, come visit me in Building 5, the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences, Room 149. My office hours are posted.


If you want to check out my professional credentials, go to my curriculum vitae, which is what scholars call their resumes. You can also visit home pages for my writing, research, and other fun stuff. I am developing a page of valuable links to interesting web sites on linguistics, anthropology, education, science fiction, human rights and environmental politics, etc.


NOTE ON WELCOME GREETING: What I said was, "May you seek knowledge in this life." (Wolof language) "Na nga wuti xamxam ci aduna bi." The Wolof live mainly in Senegal and Gambia, in West Africa, and, like most indigenous peoples of Africa and elsewhere, place a high value on learning and wisdom. Their idea of knowledge includes knowing other people, as individual persons and as groups or cultures. If you choose to dedicate your life to the search of knowledge rather than the pursuit of pleasure or fortune, you will have a rich and meaningful trip on the planet.