Space Shuttle Discovery


How are children placed in groups?

Campers are placed randomly into groups to facilitate the making of new friends. Families may request the grouping of children together. To do so, families may request the Monday morning of camps for the camp counselors to arrange groupings or pairings. However, families should understand that Discovery Camps not only teach children about the world around them, but they also teach social skills that may best be served by allowing campers to meet and interact with new friends. Due to the logistics of organizing camps, requests for grouping are not guaranteed.

What age groups do the camps serve?

The camps serve the following ages below. Exceptions to age groups are no longer allowed.

  • Horse Camp: 10-16 yrs
  • Computer Camp: 10-14 yrs
  • Robotics Camp: 10-14 yrs
  • Science Camp: 8-12 yrs
  • Imagination Camp: 5-8 yrs
  • Advanced Entrepreneurship Camp: 13-18 yrs
  • Junior Entrepreneurship Camp: 8-12 yrs

When is payment due in full?

For Horse Camp, the entire amout is due at the time of registration. For Science, Computer, Robotics, Entrepreneurship and Imagination Camps, the balance is due before the start of your camp week. Our camps are tuition-for-service programs based on confirmation enrollments and secured deposits. A non-refundable/non-transferable $75 deposit, per session per child, is required at the time of registration to hold your child's place in our program. The Arabian Horse Center does not allow deposits, so Horse Camp must be fully paid at the time of registration.

Are there different activities each week or are the same activities repeated every week??

Each of the first 4 weeks of Science Camp is different and your child will rarely see the same activitiy in two distrinct weeks, unless the activity produces a different outcome each time. Science Camp weeks 5-8 repeat weeks 1-4. The Horse camp holds the same curriculum each week that it is offered, but horse riding experiences may vary. The Computer, Robotics, Entrepreneurship and Imagination camps revisit the same tools and/or activities each week, but the projects, products and challenges will vary from week to week.

What kind of activities will my camper do at the Science Camps?

We have a large collection of science activities in our “vault.” The camp counselors choose each week what the campers will do. So, no two weeks will be the same. Examples of things they may do include building different kinds of rockets, making small hovercrafts, testing home utensils for microbes, making catapults, making slime (everyone's favorite), candy chromatography, magnetic putty, solar system models, making biogas from fruit, constructing volcanoes, making lightning with steel wool and rubber balloons, building small robots, and a lot more activities. Each activity also has a learning lesson (we ARE a University!). Campers may also do general arts & crafts.

The Group Challenges may include building towers with different construction materials, designing crash cars that can protect a family of eggs, designing a labyrinth that nano bug robots can navigate, designing a marble run (ramps, drops, turns, loops and straightaways that a marble must travel through), etc. We’ve done many of these exercises before with all sorts of age groups. The sophistication changes with age, but the problem solving and fun works at all levels.

Is there an actually alligator in the indoor rainforest?

The BioTrek indoor rainforest has two Spectacled Caimans (Caiman crocodilus), which are similar to an alligator. While the children can see them through the glass, they cannot make contact with it. The caiman handler is always present when campers are around and he loves to tell stories!

Will I receive a confirmation letter of my child’s enrollment?

Yes. The Discovery Camps will send each registrant (parent/guardian/etc) a confirmation via e-mail. The letter will contain the camp (Science, Horse, Computer, Robotics, Imagination, Leadership) and sessions (weeks), that your camper is enrolled in once your child’s application and payment have been received.

Is my child allowed to use personal electronic devices at the camps?

No. To best experience the activities that the camps provide, campers are not allowed to use personal electronic devices. Personal electronic devices not allowed at camp include, but not limited to: cellular phones, video games, MP3 players, and tablets.

Can I enroll my child in less than five days per week?

No. Because many of our activities include projects or curriculum that take the entire 5-day camp, allowing campers to participate in fewer days would disrupt activities, undermine student teams and detract from camp goals.

Can I drop off my child earlier than 7:30am for Science/Computer/Robotics/Leadership/Imagination Camps or earlier than 8:45am for Horse Camp?

Our Science, Computer, Robotics, Entrepreneurship and Imagination camps cannot take children earlier than 7:30 am and our Horse Camp cannot take children earlier than 8:45am.

Do I have to pay for parking on campus?

Parking is included in the camp prices. Each parent/guardian will be provided a parking pass for campus. However, the parking passes are only valid during drop-off and pick-up hours (7:30-9AM and 3:30-6PM) and for designated lots. Parents/guardians parking on campus outside of these time slots will be ticketed by campus police if a full-day parking permit is not purchase from parking services.

Can a family member or guest attend camp with my child?

No. In order for our camps to foster independence, teamwork, creativity and social development, we do our best to reduce distractions in the environment. Therefore, campers cannot have guests in camp.

If my child has a mental disability, can an aid attend camp with my child?

Yes, children with mental disabilities are allowed to be accompanied by a parent or personal care attendant (PCA). Our camp office would need to be provided proof of disability condition before a parent/PCA is allowed camp attendance. Camp prices do not cover food for parents/PCAs.

What should my child bring to camp?

We recommend that campers dress in comfortable clothing that takes into account the high temperatures of summer in the Pomona area. For Horse Camp, please insure that your camper arrives with the following: wearing jeans and boots with a small heel (NOT tennis shoes), helmet (provided for those who do not have one), refillable water bottle, and sun screen. For Science/Computer/Robotics/Leadership/Imagination Camps, please insure your camper brings the following: tennis shoes for light walking or outdoor activities and refillable water bottle.

What should my child NOT bring to camp?

Campers may not bring soda, candy, personal sports equipment, animals, personal electronics (cell phones, MP3 devices, video games, tablets), alcohol, drugs, weapons, other valuables and/or illicit items to camp. New and expensive items do not belong at camp. In the event a child arrives at camp possessing any of these items, they will be collected and remain in administrative control for the duration of the session (week).

How can I contact my child in case of an emergency?

In case of emergency, you may contact the SEES Program (organizer of the Science, Computer, Robotics, and Imagination camps) at (909) 869-3676 or the Arabian Horse Center at (909) 869-2684 or the Entrepreneurship Camp at (909) 869-3741. Our staff will then contact the camp Director and your child’s camp counselor in order to communicate information or retrieve your camper.

What is the training and screening that camp counselors are subjected to before they are hired?

All camp counselors are required to attend three days of camp training on camp operation and counselor roles, become CPR certified, become pediatric & adult first aid certified, go through bloodborne pathogen training and submit to a background check. Background checks are done through the University Police Department, which utilizes Live Scan to identify misdemeanors, felonies, predatory behavior, FBI records reference and Department of Justice records reference.

How will my child’s dietary restrictions be accommodated?

Los Olivos Dining Services offers lactose-intolerant, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. Registration forms allow families to specificy any dietary needs so that we can accomodate every camper.

Will the camps post pictures of the campers on social media, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, etc?

No. Many families prefer that pictures of their children not be distributed online. Because we cannot insure that group photos contain children from consenting families only, photos are not posted. We do use a few selected photos to promote the camps on the camp website only.

Are these programs day camps or overnight camps?

Every one of our camps is a day camp, i.e. no overnight stays

If my child decided not to go, would we get our money back or any kind of refund?

Cancellations made 30 days before start date of your session will be refunded in full. Cancellations made less than 30 days will be refunded only if your space is filled by a wait-listed camper, otherwise no refund on the tuition price can be given.

Refunds are not available for vacations, special events, illnesses of three or fewer days, or other personal commitments that prevent attendance. A refund may be available for extended illness of four or more consecutive program days. A doctor’s note and written note from the parent or guardian explaining the situation must be received within seven days from the first day of absence.

What if I need to change my camper’s session (week) after I’ve enrolled?

Session changes can be made 30 days before start date of your session. Session changes requested less than 30 days will be honored only if your space is filled by a wait-listed camper, otherwise no session change can be made.

Who are your staff members?

The camp staffs are comprised of University faculty and staff and college students majoring in science or agriculture. All counselors are subjected to meticulous training on camp operation and counselor roles, and are also highly instructed on adult and pediatric first aid, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Camp counselors are carefully selected based on their personal skills, spirited demeanors and knowledge of their camp topics and/or education so that they can serve as positive role models for our campers. 

How do you handle medication, and health issues?

Families are required to specify on camp registration forms if campers will be bringing medication to camp, or have special medical needs. On the first day of each session (week), the camp directors will collect from parents/guardians all required medications for campers. Only medication required by a physician and in its original container will be accepted. Instructions must be provided with the medication. All medications are to be turned over to the camp director. The camp directors will be responsible for the dispensing medication as required. Your camper's counselor is responsible for keeping track of when your camper is due his/her medication and for bringing him/her to the camp office at the appointed time.

What happens if there is an emergency involving my child?

In the case of an emergency while camp is in session, you will be contacted immediately. In the event we cannot get a hold of you, we will call the next emergency contact listed on your application. In the case of a medical emergency, our camp director will assess the situation, administer treatment if necessary/possible, notify the University Safety Office and, if necessary, have emergency services transport the child to an advanced medical facility for treatment.