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Chaparral Middle School - Walnut Valley Unified School District

SCORES FOR 2006-2009


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This comparative study was conducted in 1999 by Sixth Grade teachers Leslie Stoltz and Mark Lantz. For one year their students participated in Civilization Building, an adaptation of City Building Education.

Their Stanford Achievement Test-9 Math, Reading and Language scores showed highly significant gains from the fifth to Sixth Grade.

Students' Fifth Grade scores were divided into four quartiles. Those whose Fifth Grade scores were below the 25th percentile were designated in the fourth quartile. Those who scored below the 50th percentile were in the forth quartile and those the 50th percentile were the second quartile, and those above the 80th percentile were in the first quartile. Each student within each of the Fifth Grade quartiles were averaged and then compared to their own Sixth Grade scores to measure their levels of improvement.


math results


reading results


language results

Sparks Elementary School - Hacienda / La Puente (CA) Unified School District

These comparative studies were conducted from September 1999 to January 2000 by Teresa Ceja with her twenty at risk Second Graders participating in CreatureLand, an adaptation of City Building Education.

Attendance: Measured for all the Second Graders found that CreatureLand students have the highest level of attendance.

attendance chart

High Frequency Words: Measrued 300 words which the students must immediately recognize. They were tested one on one for accuracy at the beginning of the year and again in January.

high frequency words chart

Johnstons Spelling Words: Measured knowledge of 25 words the Second Graders need.

spelling chart

BPST: A comprehensive reading test done one on one.

bpst results chart

San Andres Timilpan Project

For Third Grade Dual Immersion by Maria Vega-Vidales

Tracy Elementary School, Baldwin Park Unified School District, 2007-2008

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Building to Learn Project

For Kindergarten-Dual Immersion by Virginia Lopez-Pech

Pleasant View Elementary School, Baldwin Park Unified School District, 2006-2007 and 2007-2008

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Liberty Town Project

For Fifth Grade by Sam-Ana Fenwick

Tracy Elementary School, Baldwin Park Unified School District, 2007-2008

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