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The Doreen Nelson Method of Design-Based Learning in Action: Grades K-12

An 10-minute video showcasing the results of Design-Based Learning methods in three different classrooms at three different schools.

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Sixth Grade Opus 2008

A 10-minute video presentation produced by sixth grade students at the The Los Angeles Academy of Arts & Enterprise (LAAAE)

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Classroom City

Written, directed and produced by Doreen Nelson, l981.

Looks at City Building's methods in various classroom settings: traditional, migrant teacher training and educationally handicapped. Students from the first City Building class of l969 are revisited. 16 mins.

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City Building Education: A Way to Learn

Written and produced by Doreen Nelson and David Olney through the Office of Charles Eames, l976. 11 mins.

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City Building Education As a Model: The Educational Value for Teachers and Students

A self-paced slide presentation of classroom images

Lotus Music and Dance

The Doreen Nelson method applied to teaching mutli-cultural dance in the New York City Public Schools. Lotus Music and Dance