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Alternate Media

Alternate Media refers to the conversion of printed course materials into an alternate, accessible format.  This accommodation ensures students with visual or information-processing disabilities access to their textbooks and all other course-related materials. 

The standard type of alternate media used by DRC is electronic text (e-text), formatted for use with a speech to text software program called Kurzweil 3000.  Additional alternate media formats can be provided depending on the specific needs of the student.  These may include, Braille, MP3 (audio-format), or PDF (with text).

The conversion of the course materials into the appropriate alternate media is both time-consuming and labor intensive.  Some requests can take up to 5 weeks to be completed! 
Faculty play an important role in helping DRC ensure that the student has full access to the course materials in a timely manner.  It is essential that faculty provide their course material information as soon as possible, well in advance of the first week of the quarter.
For additional information, please visit our Faculty Resources page.

How to Request Alternate Media

Students approved for Alternate Media Services are also approved for Priority Registration. Students must register during Priority Registration and submit their Alternate Media Request Forms within 2 weeks of the early registration period so that DRC can provide the course materials on time!  Requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Procedures for Requesting Alternate Media

STEP 1:     Register for Classes during Priority Registration

STEP 2:     Confirm which books are needed in each class.  ONLY use the Bronco Bookstore to find textbook information for classes.

If the Bookstore doesn’t have the textbook information immediately after Priority Registration, complete/submit the request form anyway.  Indicate the course and section number on the form.

STEP 3:     Complete and submit* an Alternate Media Request Form for each book requested in alternate format.

*Forms can be delivered in person (9/103) or sent via email (