Alternate Media


Alternate Media refers to the conversion of printed course materials into an alternate, accessible format.  This accommodation ensures students with visual, information-processing, or strength/dexterity disabilities access to their course materials.

The standard type of alternate media used by DRC is electronic text (e-text), formatted for use with a speech to text software program called Kurzweil 3000.  Additional alternate media formats can be provided depending on the specific needs of the student.  These may include, Braille, MP3 (audio-format), or PDF (with text).

The conversion of course materials into an accessible format can be very time consuming. Faculty play a crucial role in helping to ensure that each student has full access to course materials in a timely fashion as required by law.


Click here for Kurzweil Instructions

Alternate Media Policies and Procedures

Please review the DRC Policies and Procedures for important information about our Alternate Media Services including the request process and both student and instructor responsibilities. 

We're here to help! Please contact us by email ( or at extension 4109 if you have any questions.