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Assistive Technology Center

The Assistive Technology (AT) Center is a computing lab located in the Disability Resource Center (DRC) and dedicated exclusively for use by DRC students. It is currently the only campus lab devoted to providing a fully-accessible, supportive computing environment. 

All DRC-registered students are eligible to use the AT Center following the completion of an orientation with Adam Navarro, the Assistive Technology Center Coordinator.

AT Center Services:

  • Providing a universally accessible computing environment. 
  • Demonstrating, training, and providing technical support for Assistive Technology Resources for Cal Poly Pomona students, staff, and faculty. 
  • Offering a comfortable environment for reading Alternate Media materials.
  • Providing consultation services to the campus community in the area of technological accessibility. 
  • Advising consultation services about Department of Rehabilitation. 
  • Serving as a research lab to evaluate existing, as well as new and innovative, approaches toward achieving technological accessibility.

AT Center Coordinator:
Adam Navarro
(909) 869-2031