Classroom Accommodations


Having access to class notes is integral to the learning process.  For some students with disabilities, taking handwritten notes presents a barrier.  When this is the case, the following classroom accommodations may be approved.  Accommodations to address other barriers in the classroom environment can be requested and are approved on a case by case basis.

  • Peer Notetaking Services or Use of Livescribe Pen
  • Use of Personal Laptop
  • Permission to Audio-Record Lectures

Peer Notetaking:

Notes are provided using a student-peer system. The Notetaker is hired as a DRC Student Assistant and compensated at the rate of $20.00/per unit on a prorated scale (hired weeks 1-5: 100%, weeks 5-10: 50%).  Each DRC student is eligible for one Notetaker per class.  Notetaking assistance does not substitute for class attendance.  Students approved for notetaking services are not eligible to be a Notetaker.

Livescribe Pen:

Use of a Livescribe Pen enables the qualified student to record everything they hear and write in the classroom environment. Recorded material can be synced with multiple platforms for use as an interactive tool.

Use of Personal Laptop:

Use of a personal laptop may be approved for eligible students to provide access to orally communicated lecture material. The student must provide their own laptop.

Permission to Audio-Record Lectures:

Recording class lectures is permitted for eligible DRC students when the student provides notification of the approved accommodation to their instructors. The DRC student must provide their own recording device.