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Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) is committed to ensuring equal access to communication for all Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) students on campus. Accommodations can be requested for registered courses, academic-related activities, and all other campus affiliated events and activities. 

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Available

Interpreting and Realtime Captioning Services

DRC provides Interpreters (sign language and/or oral) and Realtime Captioners to ensure communication access for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) students.  All Interpreters and Realtime Captioners are professional university employees and adhere to the RID Code of Professional Conduct (PDF). 

  • Interpreting Services are most commonly used by DHH students who communicate using American Sign Language (ASL).  Interpreting is a method of providing immediate interpretation of spoken English into ASL. ASL is a natural, visual language having its own syntax and grammatical structure.

  • Realtime Captioning Services are used by DHH students whose primary language is English, not sign language.  Realtime captioning is a method of providing immediate, verbatim translation of spoken English into text, using a steno machine and specialized software, which is displayed on a laptop in the classroom.

Notetaking Services

Qualified students may be approved for notetaking services.  Please visit Notetaking Services for more information.

Assistive Listening Device (ALD)

A student with a slight hearing loss who uses hearing aids may need to use an assistive listening device (ALD). Use of this device requires the DHH student to wear a headset/earphones and for the professor to wear a microphone.

Many classrooms are equipped with a built-in ALD system. If equipped, the classroom will have a sign posted in the front of the room. This sign will include information on who to contact to obtain the equipment.

If the classroom is not equipped with an ALD, the DRC will provide one to the DHH student. The student is responsible for bringing the equipment to each class session.