Priority Registration


Students with certain disability-related needs may qualify for Priority Registration.  The purpose of Priority Registration is to ensure students with disabilities have equal access to academic courses.  It is the student’s responsibility to provide documentation that demonstrates they would be denied equal access to the curriculum without Priority Registration.  Only a small percentage of students are eligible for Priority Registration.  DRC strives to approve this accommodation to students with well-documented and justifiable needs.


Eligibility for Priority Registration

To be eligible to receive priority registration, the student must be registered with the DRC and have a disability-related need which meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • The student’s approved accommodations require significant time for DRC to arrange (interpreting, alternate format conversion, etc.). 
  • The student has extraordinary class scheduling needs due to health restrictions and/or medical treatment (such as chemotherapy, renal dialysis, etc.).

Please note:  Student’s eligibility for Priority Registration may be withdrawn due to a change in disability status or if it is not used for the reason it was approved.


How to Request Consideration for Priority Registration

Students who believe they are eligible based on the above criteria, should discuss their request with their DRC Intake Counselor.  Eligibility is based upon appropriate documentation of the disability need.  DRC determines eligibility for Priority Registration for students with disabilities.