Student Services

ARCHES provides a variety of support services that help facilitate the retention and graduation of Cal Poly Pomona's students with disabilities.

Academic Advising:

Each semester, the ARCHES staff provides comprehensive advising to address the unique educational needs of our students.

Peer Mentors:

The Peer Mentors work with the students on specific areas of concern such as organizational strategies, study skills, and time/life management.

Peer Tutoring:

ARCHES offers one-on-one peer tutoring for ARCHES Participants each term.

ARCHES Workshops and Networking:

ARCHES presents workshops targeted toward student success, such as time management, study skills, career planning, graduate school planning, financial planning and financial aid. The ARCHES Student Network Meetings are an opportunity for ARCHES staff and students to build a community in a safe and non-threatening environment.

Graduation Reception:

The ARCHES Graduation Reception and Celebration recognizes the achievements of the program's graduating seniors for the current year.