Peer Tutoring

ARCHES Peer Tutoring

ARCHES offers one-on-one peer-based tutoring to ARCHES students.  Students are eligible to receive one or two hours of free tutoring per week, per class, each term upon request. Students may also request tutoring support when preparing for the Graduate Writing Test (GWT). Tutoring takes place in the ARCHES office (Building 1, Room 214) during regular business hours.


ARCHES tutoring runs from the 3rd week of instruction through the 15th week of instruction each semester, tutoring is not provided during the summer. Students are expected to attend weekly tutoring appointments for the entire 13 weeks of tutoring and are provided with a set and consistent schedule. ARCHES does not provide drop-in tutoring.


ARCHES makes every effort to match all student requests. However, we recognize that we may not be able to match all requests. In the event we are not able to match a student with a tutor, we will make appropriate referrals to other on-campus services.


Requesting Tutoring

To request tutoring, students must submit a Tutor Request Form for each course they would like tutoring for. Tutor Requests are accepted from finals week (previous term) through 5th week of instruction each term. Tutor Requests are processed on a first come first serve basis, participants are encouraged to submit requests early for priority consideration.*


Tutor Request Process:

  1. Students fill out and submit tutor request forms online, click on the request tutoring button (right side of the page) to fill out a tutor request form.**
  2. Students will be notified via CPP email, at the beginning of the requested term, of their tutoring request status of matched or not matched for each course requested. 
  3. If a student is matched for tutoring, they will be assigned a tutor and a consistent schedule throughout the term will be created for each course requested. Students will be notified via CPP email of their tutoring schedule.


*Students who require interpreting services from the DRC will receive priority consideration.

**Students who are receiving tutoring for the current term must submit their Tutor Evaluation Form(s) before they are eligible to submit tutor requests for the following term.

Attendance and Expectations

To ensure effective and productive tutoring sessions, ARCHES students are required to follow our tutoring Attendance and Expectations policies. ARCHES reserves the right to remove or alter tutoring services based on students' failure to abide by Tutoring Attendance and Expectation policies and or the CPP Student Conduct Codes.

Our Tutors and Becoming a Tutor

ARCHES Peer Tutors are carefully selected and trained to work with the population ARCHES serves (low-income, first-generation college students, and students with disabilities).

Peer Tutors are CPP juniors (+60 units), seniors, or graduate students who have received a B- or higher in the subject they are tutoring. Peers tutor on a variety of subjects such as:

  • Business
  • S.T.E.M
  • Humanities
  • Writing

Interested in becoming a tutor? Click here for more information about the job description and how to apply.