DRC Online Services

The Disability Resource Center uses an integrated online system for students to access their accommodations: DRC Online Services.

To access DRC Online Services:

Online Services button



For step-by-step instructions on how to request the use of accommodations using DRC Online Services, you can visit the DRC YouTube Channel. You can watch videos that introduce you to DRC Online Services and demonstrate the following tasks:

  • How-To: Request Accommodations
  • How-To: Modifying Accommodation Request
  • How-To: Submit an Exam Request
  • How-To: Submit a LATE Exam Request
  • How-To: Modify an Exam Request
  • How-To: Cancel an Exam Request
  • How-To: Confrim Peer Notetaking
  • How-To: Notetaking-How to Upload Notes
  • How-To: Notetaking-How to Download Notes
  • How-To: Notetaking-Sign Up as a Notetaker

For other instructions you can view the tutorials below:

You are also welcome to stop by the DRC office for assistance.