Alternate Media

Alternate Media (Alt Media) refers to the conversion of printed course materials into an alternate, accessible format. This accommodation ensures students with visual, information-processing, or strength/dexterity disabilities access to their textbooks and all printed course-related materials.

Process for Use of Alternate Media

  1. Student registers for classes during Priority Registration (Students approved for Alt Media are also approved for Priority Registration to allow DRC to accommodate the request in a timely manner.)
  2. Student submits an Accommodation Request through DRC Online Services, selecting Alternate Media for each class in which it’s needed. Requests should be made within 2 weeks of the early registration period.  Requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. DRC emails a Notification of Accommodation to each instructor
  4. DRC will email the student when Alt Media materials are ready to be downloaded

Student Responsibilities

  • Notify Alt Media Coordinator of any changes to the class schedule related to materials being converted.
  • Submit a course syllabus including reading assignment dates if requested.
  • Submit all classroom handouts to be modified one week before needed.
  • Provide evidence of possession of a copy of the textbook(s).   

Instructor Responsibilities

  • Respond promptly to notification letters when necessary
  • Ensure classroom materials, such as presentations, readers, handouts, and websites are fully accessible.
  • Submit book requisitions to the campus bookstore per the Bronco Bookstore faculty guidelines.
  • Ensure online materials are created in an accessible format.