Notetaking Services

Notetaking services are to provide access to orally communicated lecture material. Notetaking Services are provided through Peer Notetaking or use of a Livescribe Pen.  Qualified students decide which of these two methods they choose to use in each class.


Notes are provided using a student-peer system. The Notetaker is compensated at the rate of $20.00/per unit. Each DRC student is eligible for one Notetaker per class.  Notetaking assistance does not substitute for class attendance.  Students approved for notetaking services are not eligible to be a Notetaker.

Process for Use of Peer Notetaking

  1. Student submits an Accommodation Request through DRC Online Services, selecting Notetaking Services for each class in which it’s needed.
  2. DRC emails a Notification of Accommodation to each instructor.
  3. DRC emails students enrolled in the class to solicit potential peer-notetakers. Alternatively, the DRC student is welcome to select their own peer-notetaker. Any interested students are directed to DRC to begin the hiring process.
  4. After attending the first class, the DRC students determines if notetaking services are needed and either confirms or cancels the request in DRC Online Services.
  5. If confirmed, DRC matches the student with a peer-notetaker that has completed the hiring process.
  6. The DRC student will receive an email indicating their notetaking request has been matched.
  7. The Notetaker uploads the class notes to DRC Online Services.
  8. The DRC student downloads the notes from DRC Online Services.

Student Responsibilities

  • Notify DRC if class notes are not posted online 24 hours after the class period.
  • Notify DRC if there are any issues or concerns about the quality of the notes.
  • Notify DRC of any changes in the need for notetaking or course enrollment status (e.g., dropping the class).

 Notetaker Responsibilities              

  • Must upload notes to DRC Online Services within 24 hours of the class period.
  • Regular attendance and punctuality are required to fulfill notetaking duties.


Use of a Livescribe Pen enables the qualified student to record everything they hear and write in the classroom environment. Recorded material can be synced with multiple platforms for use as an interactive tool.

In some cases recording is prohibited at the discretion of the instructor when the content involves personal discussion and/or self-disclosure. In these cases, the student will work with the instructor to obtain alternative notetaking assistance to supplement these sections of the course.

Process for Use of Livescribe Pen

  1. Student submits an Accommodation Request through DRC Online Services, selecting the Livescribe Pen for each class in which it’s needed.
  2. DRC emails a Notification of Accommodation to each instructor.
  3. DRC emails the student explaining the equipment checkout process.
  4. Student is provided access to the Livescribe virtual orientation. If additional assistance is needed, student may request an in-person orientation.
  5. At the end of the equipment loan period, the student deletes all data from the pen and returns it to DRC.

Student Responsibilities

  • Students must return equipment by the date specified by the coordinator.
  • Students are responsible for the security of the equipment.  If the equipment is lost, stolen or damaged immediate notification to DRC is expected.

Use of this accommodation is conditional on the student’s adherence to the following agreement. Upon request, instructors have the option of having the student sign a paper version of the agreement.

Recorded Lecture Agreement

  • Recorded material is for personal study use only and may not be shared with others.
  • Recorded material is protected under federal and international copyright legislation and may not be published or quoted (this includes social media) without permission.
  • All recordings must be destroyed at the end of the term.
  • Violation of any of the conditions of the agreement will be reported to Student Conduct and Integrity and subject to disciplinary action which may include suspension or expulsion from the University.