Test Accommodations

Test accommodations provide the student with a disability the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of course material on an equal basis with their non-disabled peers.  The accommodations intend to ensure that the examination process accurately measures the student’s knowledge and abilities in a specific subject matter rather than reflecting limitations due the disability. 

Process for Use of Test Accommodations

  1. DRC student submits an Accommodation Request through DRC Online Services, selecting Test Accommodations for each class in which they’re needed.
  2. DRC emails a Notification of Accommodation to each instructor
  3. The student schedules each exam through DRC Online Services
  4. DRC reviews the request and approves the scheduled exam or sends the student a request to reschedule
  5. When approved, notification is sent to the student and instructor
  6. DRC emails the instructor to obtain a copy of the exam
  7. Upon completion, DRC facilitates the return of the exam to the instructor

General Information

Unavailable Exam

If an exam is not at DRC when the student is scheduled to start, DRC is expected to make a reasonable effort to contact the instructor.  If the exam cannot be obtained, the student determines a revised date, as reasonably close to the original exam date as possible. DRC will email the instructor to communicate the revised test date and to obtain the exam materials.


Readers will only read what is on the printed page and cannot be asked to interpret, define, explain or reword questions.  They may however, repeat information when asked.  Students are responsible for communicating with the reader about their needs for tone, rate, etc. If the student has any concerns about the reader, they should discuss with the Testing Coordinator immediately.


Scribes will write down verbatim what the student dictates. The scribe is not responsible for organizing or paraphrasing the student’s words, or for correcting grammar and punctuation.  The student may request, at any time, to review what the scribe has written, either by reading it or asking the scribe to read it aloud. If the student has any concerns about the scribe, they should discuss with the Testing Coordinator immediately.


Students eligible for the accommodation of music during exams are allowed to use DRC's Pandora account. Students are not permitted to use their own devices, including cellphones or iPods. 

Student Responsibilities

Scheduling/Submitting Exam Requests

Extended Time accommodation is intended to provide additional time to complete exams/quizzes, and not meant to be construed as extra time to study for a test. Requests to take tests at the DRC that deviate from the official course syllabus and/or University Final Exam Schedule are NOT covered by Extended Time accommodation. Students must arrange directly with their instructor if they wish to take their tests on a date/time that deviate from the course syllabus and/or from the DRC and University Final Exam Schedule. Instructors who allow such deviations are assuming the University’s responsibility for proctoring tests with the student’s approved accommodations.

Exam Scheduling Timeline

The student schedules their exams through DRC Online Services, five working days prior to the class’ scheduled exam date for regular exams.  Late exam requests are accepted for the following reasons: 1.) newly registered DRC students and/or, 2.)  the instructor announced the exam date after the DRC deadline. Reasons other than those specified will be considered on an individual basis.  If submitted within 24 hours of the start time, DRC cannot guarantee the exam materials will be received from the professor in time and the student may have to take the exam in class.

Students may schedule their exams as early as the first week of class, and are ENCOURAGED to do so.  An instructor’s syllabus usually provides quiz, midterms, and final exam dates for the quarter. If an instructor changes an exam date the request is modifiable using DRC Online Services.

Finals Exam Policy

The student schedules Finals through DRC Online Services no later than 5pm on the Monday of the 14th week of the term. Students may submit Final Exam Requests as early as the first week of class, and are encouraged to do so. 

DRC is open from 7am-8pm during finals week, but students may only schedule their exam to start at one of the start times listed below. The student must choose the start time that corresponds closest to the actual time of the class exam time, using the chart below for guidance. If the student is requesting a different date or time, they must linclude the reason in the comments section of the request before DRC will process the request.

DRC Final Start Times:     Monday – Thursday:  8:00am, 12:00pm, 4:00pm  •  Friday:  8:00am, 12:00pm

CLASS Final Start Time DRC Final Start Time
7:00-11:30am 8:00am
12:00-3:45pm 12:00pm
4:00-9:00pm 4:00pm

Scheduling an Exam with the DRC

Exams must be scheduled during regular DRC testing hours [M-Th: 7:00am-6:00pm; F: 7:00am-5:00pm], and the exam time scheduled must correspond with the actual date and time the class is taking the exam unless one of the two exceptions below apply. Instructors retain the authority to permit changes to exam times/dates for non-disability related reasons.

Extended time conflicts with class schedule:  Student CAN arrive early

  • If starting at the regularly scheduled class time and with extended time the test conflicts with a class or lecture that immediately follows, students should plan to arrive early enough to complete the test at the same time the remainder of the class does.

  Extended time conflicts with class schedule:  Student CANNOT arrive early

  • When the class schedule conflicts with the extended time and a schedule conflict will not allow the student to arrive early to receive extended time, the following options are allowed WITH the instructor’s consent.  The student will be allowed to schedule the test 1) later that day, 2) on an alternate day.

Calculating the Test Time with Extended Time

Students must schedule their exams with consideration of the total testing time including the extended time. Students should speak with their instructor to verify the standard time for the exam if it is not announced ahead of time.

The following formula may be used in calculating the total testing time:

Formula:  Class time in minutes x accommodation amount = extended time in minutes (round up to nearest tenth)

                Example #1:  Exam is 30 minutes.  Student approved for 1.5x
                                        [30 x 1.5 = Student will receive 45 minutes]

                Example #2:  Exam is 1 hour, 15 minutes.  Student approved for 1.5x
                                        [75 x 1.5 = Student will receive 112.5 minutes or 1 hour, 55 minutes]

Pop Quizzes

Pop quizzes can be scheduled with DRC. If the student is informed by the instructor to expect pop quizzes in their class, the student should send an email to drctesting@cpp.edu. DRC will contact the instructor to find out specifics about the quiz administration.  After consultation with the instructor, the student will be contacted by DRC to provide appropriate test accommodation modifications.

Blackboard Exams

For non-proctored online exams, students are not required to take their exams in DRC in order to access their extended time. The instructor, as the exam administrator within Bb, is responsible for adjusting the time for the DRC student. The student may coordinate directly with the instructor to request access to their approved time extension or may request assistance from DRC. 

Instructor instructions for providing extended time within Bb

Within the Test/Survey Availability Exceptions on the Test and Survey Options page in Bb, the instructor creates an exception for the DRC student user to the established availability settings (i.e., time allowed) for the exam. Instructors should contact eLearning for technical assistance if needed.

GWT Accommodations

Eligible students can use their test accommodations for the Graduate Writing Test (GWT). Students using accommodations take the exam in DRC. In most cases, the exam is administered on the Thursday and Friday, preceding the standard test date.

Procedures for use of accommodations during GWT

  1. Student follows the standard university registration procedures through the Test Center
  2. When registering, the student must select the option for use of accommodations
  3. Student sends an email to drctesting@cpp.edu, indicating they have registered for the upcoming test
  4. Upon receipt, DRC will send information regarding the available test dates to the student
  5. Student selects test date and schedules the exam through DRC Online Services
  6. On the scheduled exam date, student arrives at DRC with the standard materials as required by the Test Center


Lateness, Illness, No Show, Cancellation, and Rescheduling Policies


Students are expected to be at DRC at the time scheduled on the exam request. If a student is late for any reason, the student forfeits the missed time.  No additional time will be granted for the late arrival. DRC will notify the instructor of a start time beyond thirty minutes of the scheduled time. The student can attempt to reschedule the exam with their instructor, but there is no guarantee that the instructor will permit a makeup exam.

No Show

If a student fails to show up for an exam for any reason, the student is responsible for seeking their instructor’s permission to reschedule. If approved, the student must schedule a new exam request.

Illness and Other Reschedule Requests

If a student is ill or needs to reschedule an exam for any reason, they are responsible for obtaining their instructor’s permission. If approved by the instructor, the student must modify the exam in DRC Online Services and must indicate the reason in the comments section. Once DRC processes the request, the instructor will receive email notification regarding the revised exam date.


If an exam request with DRC needs to be cancelled, the student is responsible for submitting the cancellation via DRC Online Services, in advance of the scheduled exam.  This includes cancellations when the student opts to take the exam in class, when the class exam was cancelled by the instructor, or when the student drops or withdraws from the class.

Exam Day at the DRC

Students should arrive on time and be ready to take their exam at the scheduled time.  It is recommended that students arrive ten minutes before each scheduled exam.  Additional study time is not permitted, nor is additional time added for students arriving late, or for students who do not finish within their allotted time. Both DRC and the student share the responsibility of monitoring the exam end time. Food and drink (except for water) are not permitted in the test area.  Noise canceling headphones are available for check out, with the student’s Bronco ID. 

Procedures for Testing at DRC

  1. Student checks in for their exam
  2. The student reads the exam instructions from the instructor, including time and materials allowed (i.e. note card, calculator). The student will be responsible for following the exam instructions at all times. DRC can provide clarification if there are specific questions.
  3. Students will be assigned an exam space prior to entering the testing area.  Students are not permitted to choose or change their exam space once it has been designated.
  4. Lockers are provided for storage of personal belongings.  The only items allowed in the testing room are bottled water and the approved testing materials.
  5. Once an exam has begun a student may not return to the locker, unless accompanied by DRC staff. 
  6. Students are not permitted to leave the test area once the exam has begun.  Use of the restroom is permitted however the exam time clock does not stop.  The student must bring their exam to the front counter and must tell DRC staff before being allowed to leave. If students are gone for longer than five minutes, DRC will notify the instructor for exam security purposes. 
  7. The student must inform DRC staff immediately if they are unclear about exam instructions or have concerns about the test environment/conditions.  DRC staff will attempt to contact the instructor for clarification about specific questions.
  8. When the exam time is up, the student will stop and return the exam materials to DRC staff.


Instructor Responsibilities

The DRC works in partnership with the instructor to ensure that a student’s accommodative needs are met.  If the instructor elects to accommodate the student, they are expected to provide all accommodations as prescribed by the DRC.  However, if the instructor is unable to accommodate the student the DRC will administer the exam on the instructor’s behalf.

Verification of Eligibility for Testing Accommodations

Depending on disability-related needs, the student may choose whether or not to use accommodations in each class and for each exam.  The student will initiate the use of their approved accommodations through DRC Online Services. Once accommodations have been requested, a Faculty Notification Letter will be emailed to the instructor.  The subject of the email will read “ Faculty Notification of Accommodations”, and the student’s approved test accommodations will be listed.  Information on the notification letter should be reviewed, and questions directed to the Testing Coordinator at x3333.

Test Administration Agreement

The Test Administration Agreement (TAA) serves as the test proctoring guide for all exams during the term. Instructors are provided a link to the TAA in the email entitled “Faculty Notification of Accommodations”. Before a student’s request to schedule an exam at DRC can be processed, the TAA must be completed. If the Instructor does not complete the agreement, DRC will complete it on their behalf so that the student’s request can be processed in a timely manner. Instructors can email DRC updated TAA information as needed.

Exam Request Submission

The student schedules each exam request to be taken in the DRC using DRC Online Services.  After the request is approved an email is sent to the instructor and DRC with the scheduled date and time.  The DRC will approve the request based on the information provided in the Test Administration Agreement.  However, the instructor should review the email to verify that the date and time are correct. The instructor has the option to approve a student to take a test at a different time than the scheduled class time for non-disability reasons.  Decisions should be made in accordance with standards of practice with non-disabled students in the course.

Exam Materials

To ensure proper administration, all exams should be provided to the DRC 48 hours in advance of the scheduled exam or final. DRC will send a courtesy reminder email, 48 hours prior to the scheduled date. The instructor should provide the same exam administered to the class.  If there are corrections, clarifications, and/or additional information shared with the class during the administration of the exam, it is expected that the instructor will contact the DRC (x3333) at the time at which the information is shared with the class.

The instructor can use the following methods to submit exam materials to DRC 48 hours prior to the scheduled exam date:

  • Upload to DRC Online Services using the link provided in the exam reminder email 
  • Deliver directly to the DRC (9/103)
  • E-mail to drctesting@cpp.edu

If there are multiple students taking the same exam, the DRC will not duplicate any exam materials unless written or verbal authorization is obtained from the instructor.

If an exam is not at the DRC when the student is scheduled to start, DRC staff is expected to make a reasonable effort to contact the instructor.  If the exam cannot be obtained, the student determines a revised date, as reasonably close to the original exam date. DRC will email the instructor to communicate the revised test date and to obtain the exam materials.

DRC offers the following methods for return of the completed exam materials:

  • Instructor pick up from DRC
  • DRC scans & emails within 24 hours
  • Returned via campus mail (DRC cannot guarantee delivery time or exam security once picked up from our office)

Pop Quizzes

Students must contact the DRC if using their test accommodations for pop quizzes. DRC will contact the instructor to coordinate the quiz administration.