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Before entering the Audit Tracker Database, please take a moment to review the user agreement and code of conduct. For the convienence of our customers, a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section is provided. For additional information please contact EH&S.

By entering the Audit Tracker database, all users must agree to follow the code of conduct as identified below.

Audit Tracker Code of Conduct

All audit findings under a department are sent primarily to a manager as a primary contact and additional personnel such as escorts, leads and supervisors (designated employees) will receive a copy. Both the manager as well as the department contacts will have access to respond to open audit findings at which time they will be closed. Resolutions to open findings should suffieciently address the finding and should be approved by a manager or designee prior to submitting in the Audit Tracker System. EH&S is available to discuss or review proposed actions to verify that they are sufficient to close the finding.

EH&S takes these responses seriously and in doing so, places the responsibility on the department to ensure that corrective actions are completed. This requires that any and all responses made in the Audit Tracker database are done-so in a truthful manner and will be regarded as the response of the manager (primary contact).

For questions regarding the validity of an audit finding, we encourage you to contact EH&S directly. The Audit Tracker system is intended to only document the specific corrective action(s) taken for open findings as approved by the manager or desingee; often times the corrective actions will be discussed openly before a final resolution has been identified to be reported in Audit Tracker.

Reported resolutions that do not sufficiently address the finding or the hazard will be re-submitted as second notice which may result in finding notifications made to the next level in management e.g. Associate Vice President, Vice President or Dean as applicable.   

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Who Has Access To Audit Tracker?

Audit Tracker is available to faculty, staff and students who have been added by our staff to the database as an authorized user. Authorized users for a department are often managers, supervisors, leads as well as department personnel whom may be involved in the inspection process such as escorts.

All authorized users have access to view open findings as well as issue a resolution to open findings for their department so it is ultimately the responsibility of the manager to notify EH&S if a user copied on the original memo should not have access to issue responses on behalf of the manager. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the manager to designate persons who will resolve open findings on behalf of the manager.

I'm Having Trouble Logging In.

Audit Tracker access is limited to authorized users who must be added administratively by EH&S before those users can access the database. Access is controlled by the campus centrailized authentication system which allows authorized users to login using their Bronco Username and Bronco Password. If you are having difficulty accessing the system, please conatct us to be sure you are added as an authorized user. If you continue to have difficulties accessing the system, please submit a support ticket with IT@CPP.

Who Will Get The Report For My Department?

Typically reports are sent to the manager who serves as a single point of contact for the department, generally a manager or director for administrative departments and a dean or associate dean for academic colleges. Additional department contacts are determined by who is responsible for the areas reviewed in the audit which may include additional non-management personnel such as leads, supervisors and employees who served as escorts during the inspection. In academic colleges, department chairs are copied on the reports that will be issued to the dean. All authorized users have access to respond to open findings for their department so it is important that managers review the initial report and memo to indicate to EH&S if any users should not be granted access after that date.

I Want To Remove A User From My Department List.

Ocassionally managers may want subordinate users to receive the initial report but have no additional control in Audit Tracker to respond to findings unless otherwise approved. Please contact EH&S as soon as possible so those user accounts can be deactivated in the audit tracker system. Deactivated users can be reactivated as needed. Managers may also elect to be the sole contact in Audit Tracker and simply provide the report to subordinate employees by forwarding the system e-mail.

What Is A Second Notice?

A second notice indicates a higher priority finding or hazard and can occur one of two ways. The first is if a finding is identified a second time on a future inspection indicating that corrective action was not previously taken. The second is if a response is added to a finding in Audit Tracker that does not sufficiently address the finding or the hazard. Reports regarding Second Notice items are submitted to higher levels of management for notification purposes which may include Associate Vice Presidents and Vice Presidents as applicable.

When Is Our Next Inspection?

EH&S schedules inspections in advance and makes every effort to provide advanced notice to departments to facilitate access and availability. On occasion, some inspections may be conducted on short notice or unannounced. A schedule of upcoming inspections is circulated to the managers who will serve as the primary contact for their department and additional copies are available by contacting EH&S.

What Constitutes A Proper Response To A Finding?

A proper response to a finding is a well-thought out response that addresses the primary issue(s) identified in the finding and indicates how it was corrected or resolved. Examples of acceptable responses include references to work orders that have been opened, or action that has been taken. Examples of unacceptable resonses include argumentative responses or those questioning the validity of a finding. Questions regarding finding validity are encouraged as the discussion is a valuble asset in improving safety on campus as well as developing a safety thought process. We provide a forum for these discussions which occurs outside the Audit Tracker System and occurs directly with EHS. Audit Tracker is reserved for formal responses to close open audit findings.

How Should Findings Be Reported?

It is recommended upon receiving a list of open findings that responses be drafted once corrective action has been started or completed. Draft responses should be provided to the manager or designee for approval before responses are reported into the Audit Tracker system. Authorized users can login and view all open findings assigned to their department and update specific findings by providing the official response on behalf of the manager. Once the official response is added, the finding is automatically closed so it is important that the response sufficiently address the finding or the hazard as documented in the report.