Environmental Health & Safety Award


The annual Governor’s Employee Safety Awards (GESA) program  is provided again this year to encourage employee safety awareness and to give  recognition to individual employees or groups of employees who have made  exceptional contributions to safety on the job in State service.  Awards are categorized by Group, Individual, and  Departmental.  A single “Excellence in  Occupational Safety” award will be presented to an individual who makes an  outstanding contribution to safety or health resulting in the prevention of  workplace injury or illness and whose  primary responsibility is safety or health.

Governor Brown is committed to this safety awards program and he will sign the award certificates that will be presented to the selected employees.

The names of the individuals you wish to have considered for these awards should be submitted to Environmental Health and Safety via the nominee’s line organization, by August 3, 2015 using the nomination forms. Copies of the guidelines and nomination forms are available on the EH&S Web Site


When submitting your nominations, please include the following information on the form:

  • Specific examples of each nominee’s contribution(s) to campus safety.         
  • Any statistics that may support the nominee’s contribution(s) to campus safety.         
  • Examples of safety-related materials or programs the nominee developed that resulted in the improvement of employee health and safety.         

In 1980, the Governor’s Employee Safety Awards began to recognize individuals and groups who distinguished themselves thought excellence in safety and health service to the state during the previous year. Awards have been presented to individuals for life saving, responding to hazardous materials incidents, as well as developing safety programs that were not part of the person’s normal duties. Information on nominating employees for this award is available on the EH&S website.  Since the inception of this award, the following Cal Poly Pomona administrators, faculty and staff have demonstrated this excellence in safety and been honored by the receipt of this prestigious award. 

  • Ms. Carolyn Forester, Chemistry, 2010

  • Ms. Carolyn Forester, Chemistry, 1999

  • University Housing Services Disaster preparedness Council, 1998

  • Dr. Wei Bidlack, Animal and Veterinary Science, 1996

  • Mini-EOC for the College of Environmental Design, 1996

  • Mr. Ken Gribben, Automotive Services, 1994

  • Mr. Mark Bailey, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 1992

  • Ms. Noel Vernon, College of Environmental Design, 1994

  • Dr. George P. Hart, 1990

  • Mr. Ray Eberle, Housing Services, 1990

  • Mr. Mark Bailey, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 1988

  • Mr. Larry McLerran, Automotive Services, 1988

  • Mr. John Schneck, Shipping & Receiving, 1987

  • Mr. Joseph Wagner, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, 1987

  • Mr. Richard Faucher, Housing Services, 1986

  • Chief Thomas Smith, Public Safety, 1985

  • Dr. Peter Weller, Academic Affairs, 1984

  • Ms. Irene Lovewell, Admissions and Evaluations, 1984

  • Mr. Frank Halterman, Physical Plant, 1983

  • Mr. Harold Schleifer, Library, 1983

  • Mr. George Kirstein, Biological Sciences, 1982

  • Mr. Benoni Milton Adams, Agricultural Engineering, 1982

  • Dr. Floyd V. Mathews Jr., Agricultural Engineering 1981