Aerosol and Transmissible Diseases (ATD)


These agents can exist in many areas and depending on their morphology and selectivity, they present unique hazards that must be addressed. Disease causing agents than can be transmitted through inhalation or an aerosol fall under a unique set of OSHA requirements called Aerosol and Transmissible Diseases (ATD) and these agents can be both zoonotic and non-zoonotic. Zoonotic agents are capable of crossing a species boundary such as man to animal or visa versa, whereas non-zoonotic can infect either man or animal but cannot be contracted from one or the other.

Biosafety Committee

All proposed research involving infectious agents or materials must be evaluated by the IBC before research can begin. Please contact the EHS office for additional information.

  • To prepare a submission to the IBC involving an ATD, you must complete IBC Form 1, "Registration of Research Involving the Use of Biological Materials."
  • Additional information is available on the IBC and IBC FAQ page.


If research involves genetically modified whole plans with a containment level of BSL2-P or higher, Form 3 is also required. If BSL1-P, ONLY Form 3 is required.

If research involves transgenic or genetically modified animals with a containment level of BSL2-N or higher, Form 4 is also required. If BSL1-N, ONLY Form 4 is required.

For more information regarding IBC Forms, click here.