Biosafety Cabinets


BIosafety Cabinets (BSC's) differ from chemical fume hoods in that they do not ventillate through a smoke-stack above or outside the building. Rather, these systems have High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters which filter the air and recirculate that air inside the hood to maintain a safe work environment. Due to these principle differences, all infectious materials must be used in a BSC, whereas all chemicals that produce noxious fumes or vapors must be used in a chemical fume hood, not in a BSC.

To promote safe work practices while using a Biosafety Cabinet (BSC), EH&S has developed a Biosafety Cabinet Program which identifies both standard operating procedures, safe work practices and at-risk behavior. This document should be followed intently whenever BSC's are used and made available in print when BSC's are present.


Recertification of BSC's and Hoods

Note that it is the responsibility of the department or governing college to have all fume hoods and biosafety cabinets certified and properly maintained by a qualified contractor. Failure to attain such certification may result in compliance violations in an inspection and subject to fines.

At this time, EH&S and Facilties Management do not certify, maintain nor fund such services for biosafety cabinets or chemical fume hoods.