Biosafety Procedures


A white binder with blue stripes, labeled Listed below are various written procedures, work practices and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) that are referenced within their respective or applicable written documents (Programs/ Plans).

These procedures are written to address unique regulatory requirements and maintain safety in the work place while working with hazardous substances or materials.

SOP's in general should be maintained in a central location such as an SOP-labeled Binder in the lab. All employees should be trained on how to find an SOP and train annually on its contents. All SOP's must be considered current which is why SOP's should indicate a revision date and an indication of the previous version being replaced. All outdated SOP's must be removed and destroyed.

Note: it is not acceptable to print multiple copies of an SOP's to circulate around the office or lab. There should be one location where SOP's are available to ensure when updates are provided that the most current copy is referenced during an emergency situation.


Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)