Biosafety Programs

Due to an ever-changing regulatory environment, programs and plans must be drafted and implemented throughout many aspects of campus to ensure that the University remains in compliance with any new or modified regulations.

These documents range from the Biosafety Plan to the Recombinant DNA Program, many of which are primarily used within the lab. These documents are intended to provide the tools and information required by new or modified regulations to the end user or researcher, an implementation process that focuses on efficiently regulating research, not over-regulating research.

The referenced programs and plans will provide the user with all information needed to implement into their respective area, including and SOP's or Standard Operating Procedures and work practices. Users that are implementing any of the following documents into their respective area may require supplemental training, especially if students or other employees work in these areas. All Faculty, Staff and Students must be trained on the hazards to which they may be exposed and failure to do-so may result in significant fines by regulatory agencies.

Plan v.s. Program

A Plan is a written document that is present on-site where research or work is performed, often a subset of a larger Program that identifies all legal requirements. While the plan outlines specific procedures, safe work practices, instructions and requirements, the Program is designed to provide an overview of the overall requirement and identifies what plan that should be followed. A program will also identify additional topics such as required training, and inspection requirements. Occasionally, a program can be as simple as a website designed to educate the end user on requirements and direct them to any applicable written plans.


Written Plans


Biosafety Plan (doc) (pdf)

Exposure Control Plan*

Recombinant DNA Plan

Security Plan

Incident Response Plan

Medical Surveillance

Pre-Access Suitability

Ongoing Suitability

Aerosol & Transmissible Diseases

Biosafety Cabinet (doc) (pdf)

Bloodborne Pathogens

Occupational Health

Recombinant DNA (rDNA)

Respiratory Protection

Tier 1 Suitability Program


* If an exposure control plan is required for your area, please contact the office of Environmental Health & Safety for more information. The laboratory equivalent of an exposure control plan is the campus Biosafety Plan referenced above. Requirements for when an exposure control plan is needed can be found in the Aerosol & Transmissible Disease regulations (OSHA) located here