Hazardous Materials


The term "Hazardous Materials" or HazMats is a designation used to identify any substance that is hazardous to health or the environment. At Cal Poly Pomona, we define a Hazardous Material as "virgin material" or chemicals that have not been consumed by a process. Although chemical waste can fall under this umbrella of a hazardous material, we refer to chemical waste specifically as "Hazardous Waste". In essence, by this definition, a Hazardous Material would be consumed by a process and a Hazardous Waste would be produced as a result. The term "Hazardous Waste" simply indicates that the resulting material no longer has a purpose and is no longer needed. In some processes, a waste that is generated may serve as a product for a different process meaning that material is not considered to be a waste until it no longer serves a purpose.

Hazardous Materials Inventory

In alignment with local laws, an inventory of large quantity Hazardous Materials is updated and submitted to Los Angels County Fire Department on a monthly basis to ensure that our first-responders have an accurate idea of the hazardous materials present in specific areas during an emergency response situation. Threshold quantities that should be reported during this process are as follows:

  • 500 pounds of a solid material,
  • 55 gallons of a liquid material,
  • 200 cubic feet of a gas (STP)
  • Any quantity of an Extremely Hazardous Material as identified on the current list of Extremely Hazardous Materials.

What is Reported?

Based on the criteria above, users must report the quantities they have and locations where those quantities are stored along with detailed information about the material, its physical properties and hazards.