Laboratory Safety


Cal Poly Pomona governs Laboratory Safety under the Chemical Safety Plan for Labs, a comprehensive document that outlines both safe work practices and proper handling and control measures for the safe use of chemicals in the lab.  Due to the nature of chemical hazards present in lab operations, both instructional settings and research applications, all faculty, staff, students and graduate students must be properly trained on the different chemical hazards as well as physical hazards in addition to maintaining proper supervision at all time. EH&S discourages against working in a lab outside normal business hours due to health and safety considerations in addition to emergency response concerns. While off-hours research cannot always be avoided, a buddy system of two to three total persons should be maintained at all times. 

All lab operations must have standard operating procedures (SOP) for the different chemical materials present in the lab. EH&S provides a template SOP for the different classes of chemicals to make it easier for faculty to implement in the labs on campus. Coupled with the chemical SOP's, having access to the Safety Data Sheets (SDS's) will greatly assist employees including students to know how best to protect themselves when working in the lab as well as assist emergency responders when responding during a spill or emergency situation.

Generating Hazardous Lab Waste:

Hazardous waste is regularly generated in lab operations and should be handled and accumulated legally and safely. Anyone who generates hazardous waste must do-so in alignment with the University Hazardous Waste Management Plan and all federal, state and local laws. For more information specific to hazardous waste generation, please refer to the Environmental Safety Portal or use the button below.

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