Hazardous Waste Requirements


Hazardous Materials Spill Response


In an Emergency, Call 9-1-1.

For information on Hazardous Materials Spill Response, contact:          

Ext. 4697


Hazardous Waste Disposal

For information on Hazardous Waste Disposal, contact:
          Ext. 4697


Drum Exchange Program

To assist departments who generate and accumulate hazardous waste, EH&S can provide drums to the department based on the prices listed below. Please note that EH&S does not cover the expense of containers and any costs must be recovered by reimbursement.

Size Type Material Status Cost
55 Open Top Steel New $61.00
55 Open Top Steel Used $45.00
55 Open Top Poly New $65.00
55 Open Top Poly Used $55.00
55 Closed Top Steel New $61.00
55 Closed Top Steel Used $55.00
55 Closed Top Poly New $61.00
55 Closed Top Poly Used $55.00
30 Open Top Steel New $58.00
30 Open Top Poly New $58.00
30 Closed Top Steel New $26.00
15 Open Top Steel New $45.00
15 Open Top Poly New $47.00
15 Closed Top Steel New $45.00