Radiation Badges


Radiation Film Badges are a type of Personal Dosimeters that measure radiation exposure for a certain term. These measurements are not in real-time due to having to collect the badges and process them for analysis. Some important considerations should be made when using a film badge to measure exposure to ensure that you are wearing it properly in an effor to get the most accurate results.

  • Wearers should always wear their badge when performing any duties that may result in exposure.
  • Wearers should always wear their badge correctly (examples below).
  • Wearers should only wear the badge that was assigned to them.
  • Wearers should never remove the badge from the work area.
  • Wearers should never modify, open, or write on the badge for any reason.
  • Wearers should only wear a badge that has the correct date range expressed on the label.

Replacement Schedule

Badges are replaced on a monthly schedule every 30 days.

Badges for Vet-Techs are replaced on a quarterly schedule every 90 days.

Different Badge Types

film badge placed on a lab coat lapel

Film Badges:

Should be worn on your upper torso on the outside of any clothing with the collection window facing away from you. This badge type is accompanied by a clip to allow you to attach it to your clothing in the following areas:

  • Shirt collar
  • Lapel of shirt, coat, lab coat
  • Shirt pocket

film badge ringsRings:

Rings are generally 1 size fits all and can be adjusted to fit your finger. You should note the numbers on the band so you can remember your size when the ring is replaced for the next term.

Rings should be worn on your dominant hand and generally on either the first or middle fingers. Ocassionally, a ring can be worn on both hands if needed. The label of the ring indicates the location of the film and should be facing the palm of your hand to ensure an accurate reading.