Safety Training

Update: View the current Quarterly Safety Training Schedule to see what classroom sessions are being offered.

Online Training


Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) offers online safety training through the Skillsoft Training System which was made available by the CSU Chancellor's Office. Employee safety training is assigned based on an employee's Job Safety Classification respective to an employees assigned duties and ultimately assigned by EH&S. Training requirements can be found by using the following links as needed:

  • EH&S Regulatory Training Requirements Manual (doc)
  • Training for All Employees (Essential Training) (doc) (pdf)
  • Training for Researchers, Science and Engineering Instructors (doc)

Enter Skillsoft

Skillsoft training can be utilized for small groups provided all attending members sign the group training form (sign-in sheet). Access to group training is provided on an as-needed basis and is only accessible with the following link through dedicated user accounts. Attempting to login with these user accounts through the canonical Skillsoft login page will generate an error.

Skillsoft Group Access Point

Additional online training developed by Environmental Health and Safety for specialized topics that are site-specific are offered to employees as needed. These will be made available with a direct link to that course.


Training Modules are available through CITI for Biological Workers using Recombinant DNA and/or Infectious Materials. Visit the Biosafety Portal for more information on CITI training.

Enter CITI

Training Video Library

The following training videos are accessible online with the links provided below. Additional topics are available in our Video Library which consists of a variety of VHS and DVD training topics. To view a list of available topics, please click the button below.

VHS and DVD Library

Training Video Library (xls)

Online Video Library

    • Emergency Management Plan Video (MPEG4-DSL/Cable) (7 Minutes)

    • Glove Removal Video: High, Medium & Low (3 Minutes)

    • Laboratory Safety Videos (Courtesy of Howard Hughes Medical Institute)
      • Assessing Risks of Toxic Chemicals (MPEG4-DSL/Cable) (11 Minutes)
      • Centrifugation Hazards (MPEG4-DSL/Cable) (9 Minutes)
      • Chemical Hazards (MPEG4-DSL/Cable) (10 Minutes)
      • Chemical Storage Hazards (MPEG4-DSL/Cable) (11 Minutes)
      • Controlling Your Risks in the Research Laboratory: HIV (MPEG4-DSL/Cable) (28 Minutes)
      • Emergency Response (MPEG4-DSL/Cable) (12 Minutes)
      • Glassware Washing Hazards (MPEG4-DSL/Cable) (10 Minutes)
      • Mammalian Cell Culture Hazards (MPEG4-DSL/Cable) (8 Minutes)
      • Practicing Safe Science (MPEG4-DSL/Cable) (29 Minutes)
      • Radionuclide Hazards (MPEG4-DSL/Cable) (12 Minutes)
      • X-ray Diffraction Hazards (MPEG4-DSL/Cable) (10 Minutes)

Training Records

EH&S compiles all employee training records once a month and publishes those records to the following database. This database is updated on a monthly basis and will reflect all recorded training as of the last publication. Training that is submitted late may not reflect until the following month.

Training Database (xls)

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