Safety Training

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Online training is offered through the following outlets and varies based on campus affiliation. Please select from the categories listed below to access training information specific to your affiliation with the campus (e.g. employee, student, volunteer etc.).
  • Skillsoft: Primary online training system for Faculty, Staff and Student Assistants (employees).
  • Self-Hosted: Self hosted modules are interactive training modules that have been developed by Environmental Health and Safety to provide site-specific training for specialized topics. These are provided to users as needed with direct links. Self-hosted training may also serve as an alternative to comparable Skillsoft sessions, making information accessible to non-employees.
  • CITI: Supplemental training for Biological Safety and Animal Handling. (as needed)

Training Database

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Employee Training

*Self-certification form required for credit.

Training for Employee Drivers


(Faculty, Staff, Student Assistants)


(Students, Volunteers)

Powered Carts Skillsoft EHS Website*
Defensive Driver Skillsoft Department General Services
DMV Pull Program Required Required

*Users must submit the training certificate of completion to Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) to receive credit.

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Training Video Library

The following training videos are accessible online with the links provided below. Additional topics are available in our Video Library which consists of a variety of VHS and DVD training topics. To view a list of available topics, please click the button below.

Training Video Library (xls)

Online Videos

    • Emergency Management Plan Video (MPEG4-DSL/Cable) (7 Minutes)

    • Glove Removal Video: High, Medium & Low (3 Minutes)

    • Laboratory Safety Videos (Courtesy of Howard Hughes Medical Institute)
      • Assessing Risks of Toxic Chemicals (MPEG4-DSL/Cable) (11 Minutes)
      • Centrifugation Hazards (MPEG4-DSL/Cable) (9 Minutes)
      • Chemical Hazards (MPEG4-DSL/Cable) (10 Minutes)
      • Chemical Storage Hazards (MPEG4-DSL/Cable) (11 Minutes)
      • Controlling Your Risks in the Research Laboratory: HIV (MPEG4-DSL/Cable) (28 Minutes)
      • Emergency Response (MPEG4-DSL/Cable) (12 Minutes)
      • Glassware Washing Hazards (MPEG4-DSL/Cable) (10 Minutes)
      • Mammalian Cell Culture Hazards (MPEG4-DSL/Cable) (8 Minutes)
      • Practicing Safe Science (MPEG4-DSL/Cable) (29 Minutes)
      • Radionuclide Hazards (MPEG4-DSL/Cable) (12 Minutes)
      • X-ray Diffraction Hazards (MPEG4-DSL/Cable) (10 Minutes)
    • Laboratory Safety Powerpoint Video (MPEG4-56K Modem)

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