MA in Education - Educational Multimedia Program Cal Poly Pomona

After Graduation

Educational Multimedia Program is a bridge between multimedia production and education. In the Educational Multimedia Program, students have the opportunity to embark on a variety of course offerings that will empower them with the skills and competencies necessary to design interactive instructional content and to apply the newest technology tools in their individual classroom or training room and to serve as a resource for other teachers and employees and as a change agent in their work environment. Educational Multimedia Program prepares teachers and corporate trainers for rewarding careers as professional educators who have the technological skills necessary to meet the ever-changing needs of students and trainees.

Potential jobs for Graduates:

Software Companies
Production of multimedia content
Publishing Companies
Production of multimedia companion software
Government Agencies
Production of multimedia training materials
Corporate Sector (banks, hospitals, retail companies, etc.)
Production of Web- or intranet-based training software
Information and Technology Centers at Universities and Community Colleges
Production of multimedia content for faculty and students
Various Educational and Training Agencies
Instructional Design Positions
Higher Education Institutions
Educational Technology management positions
Higher Education Institutions
Professional development and training positions
Corporate Training Offices
Professional development and training positions
Higher Education Institutions
Teaching multimedia production courses
Public School Districts
Professional development and training positions (teaching credential is required)
Districts and County Technology Centers
Educational technology management positions (teaching credential is required)
Public Schools
Teaching technology courses at high schools (teaching credential is required)