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Semester Conversion Information

General Information

  • To help you with the semester conversion process the Aerospace Engineering Department has designed three Aerospace Transitional Flowcharts. You can find the latest version here.
  • Check this page occasionally and consult with your faculty advisor for planning your courses.
  • For advising sessions with your faculty advisor, print the Quarter to Semester Conversion sheet and indicated the courses you have completed.
  • Also, the University has published a Conversion Guide for each department, which provides information on how quarter courses are converted into semester courses. You can access this guideline here.
  • You can view the semester flowcharts for the Aerospace Engineering Department here. However, the transitional flowchart should be your reference for planning your courses for AY 2018-2019.
  • The semester roadmap is also available here.
  • If you have any question regarding the transition process, please consult with your faculty advisor. Find your faculty advisor and their office hours here.


Q: Should I take ARO 351L in Spring 2018?
A: If you have taken one of the ARO wind tunnel labs, you should take ARO 351L in Spring 2018. Otherwise, you should wait for the semester course ARO 4351L.

Q: Should I take ARO 103L in Spring 2018?
A: Check the recommended coursework for ARO 100 and 200 sequences here. For Sophomore and Transfer Students: if you have completed ARO 101L by Fall 2017, and will complete ARO 102L and ARO 202L by the end of Winter 2018, you have to complete ARO 201L, ARO 203L, and ARO 103L by the end of Spring 2018. If you are missing any of these courses, talk to your faculty advisor to find the best plan of action. For Freshman Students: if you have taken ARO 101L in Fall 2017, and taking ARO 102L in Winter of 2018, you should take ARO 103L and ARO 203L in Spring 2018. Aerospace Engineering Department may offer ARO 103L as a Cap course in Summer and/or Fall 2018 if needed. Please consult with your faculty advisor if you are planning to take the Cap course after Spring 2018. Note that all ARO pre-requisites require a grade of C or better.

Q: I am going to enroll in ARO 3011 in Fall 2018. Do I need to take Thermodynamics before Fall 2018?
A: No. The Thermodynamics class is no longer a pre-requisite for the ARO 3011. It has been combined with ARO 401 into the new ARO 4011.

Q: Should I take ECE 231/L if I am planning to take ARO 2311/L in the semester?
A: You can take either ECE 231/L in the quarter system or ARO 2311/L in the semester.

Q: How many elective courses do I need to graduate?
A: You can choose to graduate with the flowchart of the year when you entered the ARO program or the year when you are graduating. Discuss with your faculty advisor which one is a better option for you. If you use the quarter system curriculum, you need an equivalent of 13 units of technical electives. To convert semester units to quarter units, multiply it by 1.5.

Q: I am a student that started in the quarter system and will graduate in the semester system. For me, how many units will I need to graduate?
A: You should complete the Quarter to Semester Conversion Sheet and discuss it with your faculty advisor.

Q: I am a junior student. Should I take ARO 312 in Spring 2018?
A: It would be a good idea for you to take ARO 312 in Spring 2018, and thus complete your aerothermofluiddynamics and propulsion sequence in the quarter systems. We may offer one section of ARO 3120 in Fall 2018 if there is adequate demand for it.

Q: I am not sure about PHY 132 and PHY 133 course. How should I plan to finish the sequence?
A: The Physics Department has prepared a website with the details of semester conversion of PHY 130 sequence. Check the website here and plan your upcoming quarter/semester accordingly.

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