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Civil Engineering Semester Conversion Advising


This page provides the semester conversion guides created specifically for students majoring in Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering Technology.

The main tool students should use to ensure a smooth transition from quarters to semesters is MyPlanner. Please use MyPlanner to plan out all of your courses and then have your advisor review the plan. There are many 2-course sequences that will combine into a single semester course. Use MyPlanner to ensure you complete each sequence before conversion to semester, or delay taking them until after conversion. Splitting a quarter course sequence (completing only half of the sequence before conversion and leaving the other half until after conversion) will create challenges that can easily be avoided with proper planning.

Advising Documents

Use the Quarter to Semester (Q2S) conversion guides to determine how the quarter courses articulate to the semester curriculum.
Quarter to Semester Conversion Guide

The following documents show the flow charts for the semester curriculum.
Semester Flow Chart


Advising Videos

In the following videos you see which courses are combining together to form new semester courses. The goal of these videos is to help you complete all of the quarter courses that are combined into one semester course. Completing a sequence before semesters start will help ensure a smooth transition to the semester program.
Civil Engineering General Option
Civil Engineering Geospatial Option
Civil Engineering Environmental Option
Construction Engineering Technology / Construction Engineering Management
Students must decide if they are going to stay on the quarter curriculum they started with, or convert to the semester curriculum. The following video is intended to help you (the student) decide if you will stay on the quarter curriculum (and use the semester courses to complete the quarter curriculum they started with), or transfer completed quarter courses to the semester curriculum and finish on the semester program.
Semester Conversion Decision Analysis



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