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Mingheng Li

Mingheng Li

Mingheng Li , Associate Professor

Office: 17-2102

Phone: 909-869-3668


Web Page:

Degrees and Professional Registration

  • PhD - Chemical Engineering, 2004 - UCLA
  • ME - Chemical Engineering, 2000 - Tsinghua University
  • BE - Chemical Engineering, 1997 - Beijing University of  Chemical Technology 

Expertise/Areas of Interest

My research interests lie in the general areas of process systems engineering (process design and control, dynamics and optimization, and computational modeling and applied mathematics) with applications to a variety of industrial and engineering processes such as materials processing (thermal spray, chemical vapor deposition, glass manufacturing), energy (Low-E energy-conserving windows, hydrogen generation, energy conservation) and environment (self-cleaning coating, bacteria neutralization, electrostatic precipitator, waste minimization) etc.

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