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The following timetable for electing ECE Department Committee Chairs, Coordinators and Committee Members was agreed to at the Department Meeting of February 18, 1998.

1. Nominations for the following Committee Chairs, Coordinators and Committee Members are made during the second week of the Spring Quarter. Department secretaries will check with nominated individuals to see which positions they want to run for.

  • Excom Chair (Tenured or Tenure Track)
  • Personnel Committee Members (4 Tenured Faculty)
  • DRPT Chair (Tenured)
  • Scheduling Chair (Tenured)
  • ABET Coordinator
  • Assessment Coordinator
  • Student Advising Coordinator
  • Dept. Computer and Home Page Coordinator
  • Core Committee Chair
  • Graduate Coordinator
  • Senior Project Coordinator
  • Lab Operation and Revitalization Coordinator
  • Library Coordinator
  • Text Coordinator

2. Elections for Chairs, Coordinators and Committee Members will be held during the third week of the Spring Quarter. Only tenured and tenure track professors may vote for DRPT Chair and Personnel Committee members. As far as the Personnel Committee is concerned

  • Vote for 4
  • The 4 with the most votes will be members of the committee
  • The Department Chair is automatically a member of the Personnel Committee
  • The Personnel Committee will elect its own chair

3. Runoff elections will be held in the fourth week of the Spring Quarter between the two candidates with the most votes for those positions where no one person got a majority of the vote.

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