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Anthony Pirozzi

Anthony Pirozzi

Anthony Pirozzi
Chief Engineer - Satellite, Integration, Test & Launch
The Boeing Company
Integration and Test Operations / El Segundo, CA

I graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in 1989 with a Masters Degree in Engineering Electronics Technology. In my current position I am accountable for ensuring that our Satellite Products are processed with the highest quality along with maintaining safety of our personnel. This requires me to interface with employees across the organization of 650 in order to validate current processes and procedures.

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering Technology helped me make a seamless transition from college to industry when I was hired by the then Hughes Space & Communications Company, now Boeing, back in 1990.

My studies at Cal Poly were focused in the area of RF/Microwave Communications. It was through the Engineering Technology program that I learned how to turn theory into actual hands-on measurements. This was possible because class work was augmented by the various lab assignments that were an important element of the curriculum.

My first position at Hughes was to refurbish an old set of rack mounted test equipment, write new test procedures and software that would not only control the test equipment, but also sent commands and receive telemetry from a Weather Satellite. The Engineering Technology program prepared me 100% for such an assignment in the high tech world of Satellite development and production.

Since graduation, 20 years ago this year, I have personally hired Engineering Technology students as test engineers and test equipment designers because of the synergy between the curriculum and actual work performed at the Satellite Development Center of The Boeing Company.

I would strongly recommend that the Engineering Technology program continue to produce some of the best hands-on engineers in the State of California.

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