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Jaewon Yun

Jaewon Yun

Jaewon Yun
Application Enginee /Advantech Corporation
Engineering Service Divisio /Irvine, CA

When you graduated: Spring 2006

What you are currently doing: In my position, I provide pre and post sales technical support to both Advantech Field Sales Engineers as well as directly supporting customer engineers to design in our products into their application.  I also conduct failure analysis, and analyze schematics to help determine design flaws / improvements in our internal and customer designs.
How you feel your BS degree Engineering Technology helped you, and particularly how it distinguishes you from electrical engineers or technicians that you work with: I work with many different types of engineers (electrical, computer, design, system, and principle engineers), and I feel the greatest skills I learned in the ECET program was to be flexible, and knowledgeable in many different subjects, and posses hands on experience using test equipment.  Using these skills, I am able to quickly adapt to my work environment, providing technical consultation to senior design engineers with much more experience.

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