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Message to Prospective IME Students

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering are very exciting and interesting careers. The majority of our students surveyed (61%) said that "interesting and appealing subject matter" was a primary or strong reason for choosing Industrial or Manufacturing Engineering.

Manufacturing Engineers (MFE's) focus on designing the manufacturing system. They work with product designers to insure that the product can be efficiently produced. They determine the processes to use and sequence of operations required to produce the product. Today's Manufacturing Engineers use Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing techniques (CAD/CAM), statistical methods and modern technologies like Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing. If you like "hands-on" type work, then Manufacturing Engineering may be for you.

Scot Myhr (1992 graduate from Manufacturing Engineering) said the following about his career,
"I'm hands on. I like making things and figuring out better/simpler ways to make them. My passion is Design for Manufacturing. I love bringing a new product up from the prototype stage to the manufacturing stage. Currently I'm setting up production for a new medical implant deployment device. I'm designing tools, writing manufacturing documentation (a necessity in medical devices), and trying to get the design engineers to finalize their designs so it will be easy (inexpensive) to manufacture."

Industrial Engineers (IE's) are sometimes referred to as "human engineers." IE's design the workplace so that workers have an efficient, safe, productive work place with proper working conditions. IE's often use mathematical models to help them design and plan out work. If you like the "people" side of business or enjoy computer simulation, then IE may be for you. Since all companies employ and/or serve people, all companies of any size need Industrial Engineers. Consequently non-manufacturing companies such as UPS and Disney are major employers of IE's. Working conditions for IE's are some of the best in the industry.

Environmental Engineering - Are you interested in Environmental Engineering? Then consider Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. Manufacturing Engineers "prevent" pollution and clean-up of the environment by choosing and developing cleaner manufacturing processes. Many companies are emphasizing "prevention" over "clean-up" in their company strategy and it is in the choice and design of the processes they use that this occurs. Industrial Engineers help identify alternatives and justify the cost of environmental efforts by showing how the company and society both benefit.

High Salaries - Demand for Industrial and Manufacturing Engineers is very high right now and is projected to be very high well into the next decade. Starting salaries for recent graduates have been running between $50,000-$65,000 because of the demand. Graduates with several years of experience are getting higher salaries.

Fast Moving Career - Industrial and Manufacturing Engineers receive a very broad education. They take courses in management, quality, and business in addition to pure engineering courses. This exposure to the business end of the enterprise prepares them for work careers in management or for owning their own companies.

Teamwork Experiences - In many companies today workers are organized into teams. IE's and MFE's are given many team experiences to help prepare them for future team situations.

Cal Poly Pomona has one of the largest IME programs in the California and the only accredited Manufacturing Engineering program in Southern California. We have many laboratories to support our program and are currently using three pentium-based computer labs for teaching computer programming, Computer Numerical Control machining, CAD/CAM, simulation, and other computer based courses.

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