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Meet Nathaniel Robert Collins!

Major: Mechanical Engineer, c/o 2013
Involvement: Triangle Fraternity, AEW Facilitator
Nathan now is an Applied Medical: Process Engineer

During his undergrad, Nathan had the opportunity to experience three different internships! He was employed by Weber Metals (titanium and aluminum forging), Ormco (orthodonture products), and Applied Medical (innovative and affordable medical devices). He loved the Applied Medical position, and now currently works there.

When Nathan was asked about the most difficult class he had taken, he responded with ME 499: Advanced Machine Design for the material. When it came to difficulty for Nathan personally though, it was ME 232: Engineering Digital Computations (programming course). He admitted it was to his own mental blocks that prevented him from developing the mindset to understand programming. He was determined to prove, "Programming just isn't for me.” Once this course was completed though, Nathan took away some valuable knowledge. He knows the course material wasn't difficult but his time in the course was still a struggle, and now uses it as a lesson for future obstacles. When it comes down to it, Nathan is one of the best students in and outside the classroom, and also one of the hardest working. ME 232 might not have been one of his favorites, but Nathan usually always excels in the classroom and is always willing to help out. When starting out in MEP, Nathan took the MAT 116 workshop, and after that, became a workshop facilitator for multiple subjects. Nathan helped students in MAT 114, MAT 115, MAT 116, PHY 131! And this list does not include the extra help he would offer in the study rooms or in other classes from time to time.

Nathan was such a huge help as an MEP student, and stated that he was able to do this in the past and is still able to continue to help, because he can always become a better person and engineer. Only he can hold himself back. Only he can push himself forward. These are the thoughts that keep Nathan Collins motivated. Nathan said that realizing he is really the one responsible for everything he learns and does - not his parents, not his professors, not the university, not his boss - helped him realize he had to take control of his education. Nathan dreams of working where he is valued by the people above him and friends with those next to him.

Before Nathan concluded this interview, he left with one piece of advice for all MEP students: “Stop worrying about grades. Just stop. GPA is an arbitrary number that ceases to matter after your first job. Don't study for tests or points, study to learn, and then study for mastery. Your high GPA won't help you in the real world, only the concepts you mastered will.” A very valid point, Nathan. Learn an A’s worth of material, and the grade will follow.

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