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Entrepreneurship Education

Students interested in the entrepreneurial process have the opportunity to participate in an interdisciplinary sequence of courses utilizing the Product Development and Commercialization Lab to market a product to the public. This course has gained the attention of NASA and students in the class may have an opportunity to work with NASA inventors.

Course Offering
This course is a joint project between the College of Business Administration (CBA) and the College of Engineering (COE). Business, engineering and science students will take a new product from development to commercialization. In this course, you will work in cross-functional teams to develop business, marketing and financial plans, source for materials, produce and market the product, and meet specific financial and strategic objectives.

Engineering project 1

Entrepreneurial Experiences
This course recruits self-motivated, creative business, engineering and science students who are interested in the entrepreneurial process. Be part of an interdisciplinary team to create a novel product, learn how to develop a viable business plan, and actually take the product to market. View Current and Past projects.

Application Process

Students must meet the prerequisite requirements, provide two faculty references, and go through an interview process. Please send a resume to Dr. Dong or Dr. Sawyerr if you are interested in taking the course. Moreā€¦


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