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Guide To Advising Terms

Change of Major/Option: Formal student-initiated change in curriculum

Continuous Enrollment: Enrollment from matriculation and maintained without an interruption of more than two successive quarters (including summer quarter), but which can involve more than one institution

Corequisites: Requirements to complete while enrolled in a specific course; corequisites are listed in the University Catalog

Curriculum: The specified set of requirements which must each be satisfied to earn a particular degree

Disqualification: Imposed withdrawal due to academic performance much below a C average

Dropping: Disenrolling in one or more specific courses while remaining enrolled in others for the same quarter

Good Standing: Status of a student having the Cal Poly Pomona GPA, the overall GPA and the major GPA each above 2.00 (3.00 for graduate students) and making satisfactory progress toward completing the selected curriculum

Enrolling: The process of being formally admitted to a specific course

Disenrolling: The process of being formally excused from a specific course after having already been enrolled in it

Matriculation: Initial enrollment in courses

Prerequisites: Requirements to be completed before enrollment in a specific course; prerequisites are listed in the University Catalog

Probation: Status of a student having either the Cal Poly Pomona GPA or the overall GPA less than 2.00

Withdrawal: Disenrolling in all courses for the current quarter

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