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CPP WE - About Us

Mission Statement

Cal Poly Pomona Women in Engineering (CPP WE) is dedicated to engaging all women within the college of engineering. CPP WE strives to recruit female engineers by bringing awareness and exposure of engineering programs to women while retaining and graduating current students by providing a welcoming environment for them. The program provides greater participation by women through K-12 outreach activities, by means of inspiring prospective and current students to be successful engineers, and by continuing engagement with alumnae in engineering industries. CPP WE promotes a close community for female engineering students through proactive retention activities and seeks to create an environment in which women can thrive in the classroom and beyond in their careers.

Program's Outcomes

  1. CPP WE will engage current students through K-12 outreach activities for young women to increase awareness of and exposure to multiple engineering programs and their great impact on society.
  2. CPP WE will provide a welcoming environment for prospective students to learn about the college of engineering and the women in engineering programs.
  3. CPP WE will retain and graduate current female students by fostering a supportive community and enriching their experiences within the college of engineering.
  4. CPP WE will create a supportive network of alumnae to provide mentoring to current female students and to increase career and internship opportunities for current female students.

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