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Project Lead The Way

Cal Poly Pomona is partnering with Project Lead The Way to create dynamic partnerships with local schools to prepare an increasing and more diverse group of students to be successful in engineering programs.


PLTW Information Video (Length five minutes)

About PLTW

How to Start PLTW at Your School

The College of Engineering hosts numerous events for educators throughout the year.

Generous Sponsors
Cal Poly Pomona facilitates training for middle school, high school, and community college teachers in eight different engineering and technology subjects. Cal Poly Pomona is one of four universities in California to offer PLTW Core Training. Equipment funding was generously provided by our sponsors.

Boeing Corporation
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Forging New Generations of Engineers
Students participating in PLTW courses are better prepared for college engineering programs and more likely to be successful, thus reducing the attrition rate in these college programs, which currently exceeds 50 percent nationally.

"Schools that offer PLTW open doors for students, who would otherwise never contemplate the idea of being an engineer, and also provide valuable technical skills that have the ability to transcend into their future careers."

-Joie Edles,

Civil Engineering Graduate

and PLTW alumna

Joie Edles

Recruiting Girls At Your School

Femineers Video

Created and funded by Cal Poly Pomona College of Engineering in 2013
Initial group -24 female students at Fremont Academy of Engineering and Design in Pomona Unified School District

PLTW Focus Your Future
The new PLTW materials are designed to enable anyone involved with the program to host a successful reception for girls and their parents to gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of a career in engineering and the PLTW® courses.

Engineer Your Life
Members of the engineering community formed a coalition to encourage academically prepared girls to enroll in engineering programs. Resources available for counselors and parents, engineers, and students.