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Core Training

Core Training-Summer 2018
Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Core Training is an intensive program that gives teachers an overview of the PLTW courses to be taught to elementary, middle and high school students. The Core Training courses are taught by PLTW Core Training Instructors. Teachers from across the nation are invited to take advantage of the PLTW Core Training at Cal Poly Pomona.
Registration for Core Training will open in April. Readiness training will need to be completed before attending Summer Core Training.

PLTW national course offerings: https://www.pltw.org/our-programs/professional-development/core-training

PLTW Launch Classroom Training (Elementary school) Cost of Training: $500.00

June 25-26, 2018:                    Launch Classroom Teacher Training (LTT)

June 27-28, 2018:                    Launch Classroom Teacher Training (LTT)

July 11-12, 2018:                     Launch Classroom Teacher Training (LTT)

PLTW Gateway (Middle School) Cost of Trainings: $1550.00
June 17-22, 2018:                    Automation and Robotics (AR)
Design and Modeling (DM)

June 24-29, 2018:                    Automation and Robotics (AR)
                                                 Design and Modeling (DM)

July 8-13, 2018:                       Computer Science App Creators (AC)

July 15-20, 2018:                     Computer Science for Innovators and Makers (CSIM) $1200 Training Fee 

July 22-27, 2018:                     Computer Science App Creators (AC)

July 29-August 3, 2018:           Computer Science for Innovators and Makers (CSIM) $1200 Training Fee 

PLTW Engineering (High School) Cost of Training: $2550.00
June 17-29, 2018:                    Engineering Design and Development (EDD)
                                                Principles of Engineering (POE)

July 8-20, 2018:                       Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)
                                                Engineering Design and Development (EDD)
                                                Introduction to Engineering Design (IED)

PLTW Computer Science (CS): $2550

July 22-August 3, 2018:           Computer Science A (CSA)
                                                Computer Science Principles (CSP)

Registration Fees:

Fees include T-shirt, lunch and parking for all trainings 

$2,550 per each course (IED, POE, CIM, EDD, CSP, CSA) 
$1550 for one week course (AC, DM, AR,)
$1200 for CSIM course (CSIM) 
$500 for Launch (LTT) 

Housing while attending training here at Cal Poly Pomona this summer: 

Kellogg West Hotel: Cal Poly Pomona has already reserved a block of rooms you do NOT need to make a reservation with the hotel. 
(Optional; participants may choose to commute to campus each day. We highly recommend participants stay in lodging).

$135 per night Includes breakfast and dinner (Monday – Friday) (3-meals a day on the weekend) 

Cal Poly Pomona Cancellation Policy: 
Registrants who cancel any time after June 1st, 2018 will be required to pay entire cost of the registration and housing fees.

Cancellations must be received by contacting Nicole Gutzke by phone (909.869.4192) or by email (nmgutzke@cpp.edu).
Questions Email: cpp_pltw@cpp.edu