University Initiatives

Managers and staff members from Enrollment Services serve on several of the University’s campus-wide initiatives in leadership and/or participant roles, including:

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Enrollment Planning Group
The Enrollment Planning Group (EPG), comprised of representatives from Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, and Administrative Affairs, provides leadership to the university's enrollment planning and management efforts, including consultation with key campus constituents in the development and achievement of campus enrollment goals, targets and strategies.

IT Governance Administrative Technology
This cross-divisional working group reports to the IT Governance Executive Committee and is charged with:
- Making recommendations for all enterprise-level administrative technology project requests.
- Informing the campus of opportunities for collaboration and cost saving for computing projects across divisions and departments. More information is available on the IT Governance website.

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Graduation Initiative
The Graduation Initiative is a campus-wide collaboration to achieve graduation rates comparable to the top quartile of national averages of similar institutions and to close the achievement gap among underrepresented minority students through increasing:

- Year-to-year student persistence
- Ratio of units earned to ratio of units attempted
- Ratio of units to degree to units completed per year
- Outreach and support to underrepresented minority students

More information is available on the Graduation Initiative website.

Faculty greeting students at the International Student Reception

International Student Task Force
The International Student Task Force is charged with assessing the needs of international students and recommending best practices to support their academic and personal success.  The focus includes academic preparedness, orientation / transition to the university culture, student support services, and student engagement in the campus community.

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Quarter to Semester Conversion
Planning for the conversion from quarters to semesters is beginning in 2013-14 with a planned implementation for Fall 2017.  More information is available on the Semester Conversion website.


Veterans Resource Center

Veterans Services Initiative
Established in 2009 by President J. Michael Ortiz, the Veterans Services Initiative honors the university’s commitment to the academic and personal success of student veterans.  This cross-divisional effort has resulted in significant enhancements to the services and programs for prospective and current student veterans and military personnel.  More information is available on the Veterans Resource Center website.